Cloudflare Completes the acquisition of Area 1 Security

Cloudflare completes acquisition of Area 1 Security-01

Known for security, performance and reliability, Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE: NET), a company helping to build a better Internet, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Area 1 Security.

Email is not only one of the biggest cloud applications for any business, it’s also the biggest security threat for organizations of all sizes. Yet traditional email security solutions are often expensive, overly complex, and disconnected from a company’s overall security strategy. Additionally, malicious phishing campaigns and email compromises are incredibly costly, according to the FBI’s 2021 Cybercrime Report by the Internet Crime Complaint CenterUS companies lose more than $2.4 billion every year. With the acquisition of Area 1 Security, Cloudflare offers businesses an easy way to block phishing, malware, business  email compromise, and other advanced threats as part of an integrated Zero Trust approach to securing all of their organization’s applications.

” Cloudflare’s mission is to create a better Internet, and we’ve invested heavily in building the world’s highest-performing cloud network to offer our users a faster, safer, and more reliable Internet.” Now we can officially welcome the Area 1 team to Cloudflare and enhance our ability to secure the number one source of security threats, email,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “ To us, Zero Trust security is almost worthless without an integrated email solution. By combining email security and Zero Trust with Area 1 Security, we can offer our customers the most comprehensive Zero Trust security platform on the market.”

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Area 1 Security’s cloud-native platform, which seamlessly integrates with any email offering, prevents phishing attacks and other advanced email attacks by proactively detecting and remediating them before they can wreak havoc in enterprise environments. By combining Area 1 Security’s highly scalable technology and years of email protection experience with Cloudflare’s global network, the two companies will provide a holistic Zero Trust solution that customers can leverage through Cloudflare’s global network can activate. Area 1 Security’s email security features are available to all enterprise customers starting today and will be available to customers of all other paid plans in the coming months.

” Cloudflare provides one of the world’s leading zero trust networks, and we look forward to what we can create together for our customers and channel partners,” said Patrick Sweeney, CEO and president of Area 1 Security. ” By combining Area 1’s technology with Cloudflare’s global network, our customers get the most comprehensive Zero Trust security platform available, including securing today’s most critical business applications – your email.”

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