Cloudflare democratizes and simplifies email security to prevent phishing and malware attacks

Cloudflare democratizes and simplifies email security to prevent phishing and malware attacks-01

Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE: NET), the security, performance and reliability provider helping to create a better Internet, today announced that the company plans to launch Cloudflare -Provide enterprise-grade email security tools to customers upon acquisition of Area 1 Securitycompleted by Cloudflare. Email continues to be one of the top security threats facing businesses of all sizes. Yet existing email security solutions are often expensive, overly complex, and difficult for organizations to implement. With the acquisition of Area 1 Security, Cloudflare will provide organizations with an easy way to benefit from reliable phishing and malware detection as part of an integrated Zero Trust approach to securing all applications in the enterprise.

” Email is the web’s number one cyberattack vector, and we believe you don’t have to be a Fortune 100 company to protect against email threats,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “ We recently made a significant investment in email security with the acquisition of Area 1 Security. In the spirit of democratizing email security, we want to make several key features available to businesses of all sizes. This is the future of Zero Trust security – an integrated approach that lets you protect all your business applications with just one click.”

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Legacy email security products are often expensive, complex, and require physical or virtual infrastructure that many organizations cannot achieve without a large IT team. The protections offered by the major email providers are often only good enough to stop annoying spam, but they are not able to ward off sophisticated phishing attacks. As email continues to be a popular target for increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, organizations of all sizes must integrate email security into their overall security approach. Area 1 Security’s state-of-the-art email protection offers Cloudflare customers an easy-to-use, highly effective email security solution that can be implemented with just one click. And because the solution is integrated with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solution suite, we design Cloudflare’s email security tools to leverage email data to trigger additional security measures, such as: B. automatically redirecting suspicious links through a remote browser isolation or displaying phishing insights within the recently launched Cloudflare Security Center .

With these email security products, Cloudflare customers will be able to:

  • One-click onbarding : Customers already using Cloudflare DNS can route their email directly through Area 1 Security’s technology with a single click. No complex onboarding steps required.
  • Stop costly phishing attacks before they even reach your inbox : Successful phishing attacks can lead to data breaches and business disruption from ransomware, as well as financial losses from compromised business email. Businesses are now able to block these malicious emails at the source.
  • Replace or augment existing email security solutions: Area 1 Security can be deployed both before and after existing email security solutions, allowing them to be phased out over time or retained as an additional layer of security.
  • Benefit from the identical email security solution used by Fortune 100 companies : Benefit from the same technology, regardless of the size of your company. Area 1 Security’s cloud-based solution integrates with cloud-based providers such as Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, as well as on-premises installations.

Area 1 Security’s email security capabilities will be available to all Enterprise plan customers once Cloudflare’s acquisition of Area 1 Security is complete, and will be available to all other paid plan customers in the coming months To be available. Enterprise plan customers can also get additional controls, customization, and advanced insights through analytics.

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