Cloudflare equips partners with Cloudflare’s One Partner Program to offer a complete Zero Trust solution

Cloudflare Makes Partners with Cloudflare's One Partner Program to Provide a complete Zero Trust solution-01

Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE: NET), the security, performance and reliability company helping to build a better Internet, today announced Cloudflare’s new One Partner Program. The program represents a new path for the channel to integrate and grow Cloudflare One, the only cloud-native solution for global network scaling, now with direct paths for partners from full enablement to robust incentives. Cloudflare ‘s One Partner Programbuilds on Cloudflare’s comprehensive zero-trust, network-as-a-service, and cloud email security offerings, allowing partners to deploy the architecture needed to keep today’s businesses secure and at the same time to accelerate their devices, applications and entire networks.

“ Organizations need a unified solution to protect their distributed workforce while accelerating employee systems to stay protected and productive in today’s business environment. But another key concern is wide adoption, which is why we’ve worked to integrate this solution seamlessly and non-disruptively into businesses,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “ Critical architectures like Zero Trust shouldn’t be complex, but we hear every day from companies that don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve modernized the way partners can fully implement and deliver what businesses of all sizes need most today.”

Legacy systems required complex integrations and disrupted employee workflows. To protect businesses, workforces, and networks of all sizes from today’s threat landscape, Cloudflare’s One Partner Program offers a complete set of best-in-class Zero Trust capabilities coupled with extensive partner services. With this program, Cloudflare has brought together everything partners need to ensure every customer can get easy deployment with just a few clicks, lightning-fast performance wherever their users are, and robust security across endpoints, networks, and email .


Cloudflare One provides a comprehensive Zero Trust solution that is natively integrated with Cloudflare’s international network, one of the largest and most interconnected networks in the world, now spanning more than 270 cities in over 100 countries. Partners of all types, including resellers, distributors, master agents, and global systems integrators, can now help secure enterprise and midsize businesses, no matter where their users are in the world. Cloudflare’s One Partner Program was shaped by Cloudflare’s rapidly growing relationships with AVANT, IBM Security, Opticca Security, Rackspace Technology™, Wipro, and others.

” Cloudflare, as a member of the AVANT Security Council, is a close innovation partner with AVANT as we support our network of Trusted Advisors to help their customers adopt the latest cloud technologies,” said Shane McNamara, EVP, Engineering and Operations at AVANT communication “ With Cloudflare’s new One Partner Program for Zero Trust, Cloudflare launched a unique set of integrated product suites and partner services bundles that provide our trusted advisors with a compelling set of solutions to bring to market. ”

“ With the launch of Cloudflare’s new One Partner Program, which includes integrated zero trust-focused solution stacks and partner enablement, we look forward to further expanding our go-to-market with Cloudflare and helping customers transform their network security smoothly and quickly by adopting a Zero Trust strategy to protect their infrastructure, teams and applications,” said Deborah Jones, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alliances, at IBM Security Services.

” We’ve seen the breadth of Cloudflare’s zero trust solutions in the industry, and combined with Opticca Security’s design and implementation services, this is key to fully supporting our customers,” said Joey Campione, Managing Director at Opticca Security. “ Together with Cloudflare, we have developed a holistic approach to security that seamlessly helps organizations mitigate cyber threats with a full Zero Trust model.”

“ By expanding our collaboration with Cloudflare within Cloudflare’s new One Partner Program, Rackspace Technology is able to deliver Cloudflare’s leading Zero Trust solutions along with Rackspace Elastic Engineering and professional services at scale and with ongoing implementation support,” said Gary Alterson, Vice President, Security Solutions at Rackspace Technology. ” Since partnering with Cloudflare to develop Zero Trust solutions, we’ve already seen strong engagement from customers and prospects, such as: B. at one of the world’s largest creative companies.”

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“ Cloudflare’s suite of products plays an important role in Wipro’s advanced threat detection and Zero Trust offerings to its customers,” said Tony Buffomante, SVP, Wipro’s Global CRS Leader. “ Cloudflare’s One Partner Program gave us a quick jumpstart in building our practice. We are already seeing significant market use cases from our partnership with Wipro CyberSecurists, who provide application security, implementation services and ongoing managed services from Wipro’s 16 global cyber defense centers.”

Benefits of Cloudflare’s One Partner Program

Cloudflare One customers have grown by 100% over the past year and average daily traffic has increased sixfold. Cloudflare’s deeply integrated approach combined with direct channels for channel partners has created one of the most robust incentive programs to extend Zero Trust, enabling partners to:

  • Guide customers every step of the way: Deliver on the Zero Trust promise by supporting your customers on their journey from architecture review and product evaluation to implementation and support. Cloudflare’s One Partner program introduces service accreditations that enable partners to provide the architecture assessments and implementation support customers need to successfully adopt a Zero Trust model.
  • Deliver Comprehensive Solutions: Cloudflare’s Zero Trust solution is one of the most robust in the industry with integrated products such as ZTNA, Secure Web Gateway, CASB, DLP, Browser Isolation, IoT Security and now Cloud Email Security. Cloudfare’s network supports all the features of its security, performance and reliability suite across all of its locations, spanning 270+ cities in 100+ countries, to act quickly and effectively no matter where users are located.
  • Automatically protect users from phishing attacks: Email is one of the biggest cyberattack vectors on the web, making built-in email security essential for any true Zero Trust network. By combining the leading phishing protection from Cloudfare’s recent acquisition of Area 1 Security with Cloudflare’s innovative browser isolation, malicious links are automatically quarantined in a remote browser session.
  • Every connection is secured with Zero Trust controls while users and services are accelerated: Whether users are connecting to internal resources, the Internet, or just opening email, Cloudflare’s global network enables Zero Trust filtering applied to anything without slowing it down.

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