CompleteCare Health Network Provides Notice of Cybersecurity Incident

CompleteCare Health Network

CompleteCare Health Network (CCHN) is providing notice of a recent cybersecurity incident that involved certain individuals’ personal identifiable information and personal health information.

On or around October 12, 2023, CCHN detected and stopped a sophisticated ransomware attack, in which an unauthorized third party accessed some of CCHN’s computer systems. CCHN immediately disconnected the affected systems, initiated its response protocols, and engaged third-party forensic specialists to assist them with securing the network environment, and investigating the extent of any unauthorized activity, including whether any patient information was accessed.

CCHN’s investigation determined that the unauthorized third party may have exfiltrated personal data during this incident. CCHN took steps to ensure data will not be further published or distributed. CCHN has also notified, and is working with, federal law enforcement to investigate.

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The impacted data varied by individual, but it may have contained personal information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and some sensitive personal information and/or personal health information. Beginning on December 15, 2023, CCHN mailed letters to affected individuals, and while, to date, CCHN is unaware of any misuse of the involved information, as a precaution, they are offering complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to individuals whose Personal Identifiable Information (PII) may have been impacted. Each notification letter sent to impacted individuals will include a list of specific data elements that were impacted as well as resources that they may use to protect themselves.

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