ConductorOne Rakes $15M Series A to Overcome Identity Security and Access Control Challenges

ConductorOne Rakes $15M Series A to Overcome Identity Security and Access Control Challenges-01

ConductorOne announced today that it raised a $15M Series A led by Accel, along with participation from existing investors Fuel Capital, Fathom Capital, and Active Capital. New investors also include several renowned security leaders, including Garuda Ventures, Peter McKay & Guy Podjarny of Snyk; Cristina Cacioppo, CEO of Vanta; and Jack Naglieri, CEO of Panther Labs.

ConductorOne designed its identity security platform to automate least privilege and compliance (such as SOC2, SOX, etc), while simultaneously reducing an organization’s identity risk posture.  By automating manual workflows and giving real-time visibility into all permissions, tasks that typically take weeks—like access reviews— are done in a couple clicks with ConductorOne.

The Identity Security Challenge

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions accelerated the adoption of cloud apps and infrastructure, but it led to a massive sprawl of identities, permissions, and access. This left security, GRC, and IT teams overworked and lacking the tools they need to comprehensively manage and govern access. Companies attempt to solve their access control challenges through ad-hoc tooling, spreadsheets, and help desk tickets, but these methods are extremely time-consuming and introduce risk.

“With the explosion of the cloud, companies are struggling with identity sprawl: understanding and managing what identities exist and what systems and data they have access to,” said Alex Bovee, CEO, and co-founder of ConductorOne. “Security teams want to automate access control, but are finding that traditional governance and privileged access solutions don’t work for modern, cloud-forward companies. With ConductorOne, customers don’t have to choose between productivity and least privilege access control— they can have both.”

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A Founding Team Familiar with Securing Identity

Alex Bovee, CEO, and Paul Querna, CTO, met while leading authentication and Zero Trust products at Okta and saw this problem first-hand. With their backgrounds in security, they recognized that SSO solutions did not address the challenges created by the proliferation of identities, entitlements, and permissions. By designing an orchestration layer for identity that starts with full visibility into access and focuses on automation, desired security and productivity outcomes are achieved.

ConductorOne Puts Security First and Automates Compliance

With an emphasis on ease of use, ConductorOne automates access reviews and permissions management so organizations can meet compliance requirements easily, reduce the risk associated with identity and credential misuse, and save time in the process. ConductorOne works alongside a company’s identity platform, cloud SaaS and IaaS applications, and HR systems to orchestrate access changes and automate compliance. The company’s no-code integrations, flexible workflows, and management via web, email, and Slack help companies achieve security and compliance goals in a matter of days.

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