Constella Intelligence Introduces Exposed Identity Score

Constella Intelligence Introduces Exposed Identity Score

Constella Intelligence (“Constella”), a leader in Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence, today announced that the Company’s Intelligence API now includes Exposed Identity Score as part of its service offering.

Organizations must rapidly adapt to evolving customer behavior and interaction points – or risk significant losses in both fraud and customers. By analyzing exposed attributes, type of site, the data in which the data was sourced, and freshness of the data, this new score helps partners equip their customers and organizations with a powerful tool to better associate the level of risk with the exposed credential.

“Inadequate ID verification services create gaps that fraudsters can exploit,” said Jason Wagner, Vice President of Identify Intelligence at Constella Intelligence. “To keep pace with evolving threats, organizations need multi-layered solutions that can associate risks with exposed credentials.”

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For Exposed Identity Score, Constella dynamically computes a high-level simplified estimated risk rating for all available breaches, based on how impactful the exposed records are projected to be. Constella’s algorithm design and values are gleaned from the Company’s ongoing research of fraud mitigation professionals and practices.

Exposed Identity Score (EIS) can be used to assess the importance of an identity alert and assess the risk an identity poses to suffering an Identity Theft incident (aggregating all the individual risks of each exposure). EIS, along with the quality, volume, and coverage of our Intelligence API, helps organizations stay one step ahead of attackers to identify exposures proactively.

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