Contrast Security Empowers Zurich to Secure Its Digital Transformation Efforts

Contrast Security Empowers Zurich to

Contrast Security, the leading developer-centric application security software company, today announced Zurich North America Insurance (Zurich), one of the largest providers of insurance solutions and services, uses Contrast Security to secure applications in development that are critical linchpins in its digital transformation strategy. The collaboration provides Zurich software developers needed tools for writing secure code faster and collaborating with application security peers to reduce application risk.

“Protecting the information of our customers, our third-party collaborators, and our own systems is a top priority for Zurich North America,” said Adam Page, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Zurich North America. “Our applications enable us to deliver differentiated experiences, and our collaboration with Contrast empowers us to shift left by identifying software code issues earlier in the pipeline and in real time with easy-to-follow results.”

The applications secured by Contrast Security are used by Zurich North America customers and its employees. Contrast helps Zurich’s development team to address the challenges of today’s advanced threat landscape in real time by automating and streamlining application security. “Contrast takes an innovative approach to application security that enables our developers to work smarter and focus on threats that pose the greatest risk,” said Esther Speckhart, the Business Information Security Officer (BISO) at Zurich.

“The early adoption of Contrast Security by Zurich North America is the first step in what will soon be a larger rollout across Zurich as part of our ongoing digital transformation,” said Paige AdamsZurich’s Global Chief Information Security Officer. “Digital transformation has been and continues to be the primary goal for Zurich as we move forward into the new year.”

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“Prominent insurance providers like Zurich are aggressively driving digital innovation to improve customer experiences and accelerate business growth,” said Surag Patel, Chief Strategy Officer at Contrast Security. “Therefore, with substantially more software being created at accelerated speeds and the increasing focus of malicious attackers on the software, the risk of software vulnerabilities in applications has never been greater. Yet, legacy application security approaches simply are unable to keep pace with the speed and agility demanded by modern software development. Contrast transforms application security by using an automated approach via instrumentation to embed security observability into the software development process. This virtually eliminates false positives while empowering developers to detect and remediate vulnerabilities without specialized application security skills.”

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