CoventBridge launches TruthIQ product suite

CoventBridge launches TruthIQ

CoventBridge, the global leader in full-service investigations, is releasing its latest social media investigation tool, the TruthIQ product suite.

CoventBridge’s mission is to investigate, prevent and expose fraud for its clients. The TruthIQ product suite release is another step forward in achieving this mission. This innovative platform is available in four different levels—Nano, Micro, Mega and Giga—and comprises numerous features that will enhance each claim investigation based on the individual’s needs.

All four levels of TruthIQ comprise more than a dozen common features. Some of these features include social media analytics, digital footprint, detailed internet research, surveillance assessments, subject identifiers and aliases, all of which are completed and reviewed by licensed investigators.

Truth IQ users will have access to Red Flag Analysis at all four levels of the platform, with additional upgrades such as: 30 and 60-day social media monitoring, additional in-depth investigation into potential businesses and licensure, license plate detection, vehicle location history, live vehicle alerts and an option for preservation of social & digital findings.

All results are delivered via upgraded reporting that provides efficiency through additional emphasis of red flags, key highlight pages, direct access to all videos from the report, and a navigable table of content.

“At CoventBridge our goal is to always be at the forefront of providing innovative investigative solutions,” CoventBridge Chief Executive Officer Dave Merrill said. “We’re excited to release the TruthIQ solutions to achieve that goal and better serve our customers with a customizable digital footprint of the claimant. These digital investigations are an essential element in claim investigations.”

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As social media use continues to expand as both a networking and communication tool, so will CoventBridge’s industry-leading efforts to enhance its social and digital offerings to capture a claimant’s complete digital footprint.