COVID-19 Wellness and Risk Management Platform ‘Virtual PPE’ Helps Businesses Return to Physical Spaces with Secure, Private Traceability of Location, Contacts, Symptoms

COVID-19, Risk Management Platform, Virtual PPE, Security compliance

In order to get employees back to physical work locations and restart the economy, companies need to show that they can safeguard employee health while mitigating risk to the business and protecting employee privacy.

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Virtual PPE, new workplace wellness and risk management platform with a complimentary employee app, solves these primary challenges by providing the necessary COVID-19 health and location monitoring functions, contact tracing, advanced privacy features, and full-scale support for seamless integration with existing business systems required for compliance and risk mitigation.

The management platform and app come from EPSoft Technologies, a leading software developer of automated digital workforce solutions. The platform, deployed as an enterprise SaaS application, offers a risk assessment dashboard with liability insights based on anonymized employee data. EPSoft’s partner Liberty Advisor Group will work with customers to seamlessly integrate the Virtual PPE solution with relevant enterprise systems such as human resources, risk and liability, CRM platforms, and more.

With it, organizations can confidently assess operational risks and wellness while continuously and proactively monitoring for potential liability impacts using real-time decision and analytical risk information. The platform and app feature:

  • Management Communication Hub: Manage users, view case status (active, pending, quarantined, recovered), and access contact tracing.
  • Risk Analysis Dashboard: Gives managers an overall risk score based on anonymized data.
  • Proximity Alerts: Notifies employees if they are too close, as defined by CDC guidelines.
  • Contact Tracing: Automatically alerts employees of contact with a confirmed case and instruct the next steps.
  • Symptom Log: Allows employees to track daily symptoms to manage personal risk and offers a personal risk score.
  • Access Manager: A daily QR Code notifies employees if they meet the accepted risk profile. It can be used to allow or prevent access to physical locations.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy: Radiofrequency, Bluetooth, rolling proximity identifiers (RPIDs), security encryption, and digital tokens are leveraged to ensure data privacy and security at the highest levels.

“Unlike contact tracing systems, Virtual PPE doesn’t collect and store data in a centralized database,” says Mike Magnifico, CTO, and partner, Liberty Advisor Group. “The employee is always in control and shares only the information they explicitly decide to share with their employer. Employers have full control over the anonymized data to make informed decisions about wellness, risk, and potential liability considerations.”

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“Employers have an obligation to bring employees back to physical places of work safely, in a way that protects wellness and offers helpful insights and resources,” said Gopal Parvatheneni, CEO, EPSoft. “Our risk and liability management solution allows businesses to move forward quickly and thoughtfully.”