Crypto4A Technologies Inc. Launches the QxCloud™ and QxCloud™ as a Service

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. launches the QxCloud™ and QxCloud™ as a Service_ next generation Trust Infrastructure for Digital Transformation in multi cloud environments

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. launches the QxCloud™ and QxCloud™ as a Service, next generation Trust Infrastructure for Digital Transformation in multi cloud environments

Crypto4A Technologies Inc. (C4A), a Canadian company, today announced its next generation of hybrid multi-cloud capable trust infrastructure for identity based digital transformations with its QxCloud™ and QxCloud™ as a Service.

QxCloud™ provides a suite of next generation capabilities that modernize traditional HSM, PKI, and CA capabilities for crypto-agility in cloud, zero trust and remote working environments.  QxCloud™ enables the adoption of hybrid certificates techniques and post quantum cryptographic algorithms, ensuring cost and security effective crypto-agility for today’s identity-based application environments.

QxCloud™ has been designed to allow the enterprise to retain ‘quorum-based dual control’ of the keys underpinning their devices, data and applications at scale in the cloud, at the edge and within the extended enterprise.

According to Gartner, The significant growth of cloud computing, along with the specific security requirements it presents, is driving the emergence of a set of new technologies, such as cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) and cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM), that are tailored to be effective in the increasingly diverse hybrid cloud environments where enterprise workloads are processed.”

“The future requires us to trust and verify identities in the cloud, at the edge and at scale with speed and crypto agility.  We look forward to working with partners and clients on the adoption of these new security technologies”, said John Scott, CEO of C4A.

Bruno Couillard, a Founder and CTO of C4A added, “The QxCloud™ leverages our patented Qx™ Trust Architecture (QxTA™) which provides new advanced entitlement management techniques that evolve the M of N approach we pioneered almost 25 years ago. One can control access and use of sensitive keys using highly flexible quorums while securing the automatic backup of those sensitive keys using M of N based techniques.

Furthermore, the QxTA™ also guarantees the complete cryptographic separation of the management of the QxCloud™ and the management of sensitive keying material while ensuring full portability of cryptographic material to give enterprises the flexibility to choose best of breed solutions.”

John O’Connor, Vice President of Product Management of C4A added, “We have listened to our customers and partners about the challenges they face with migrating their trust infrastructure to the cloud.

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The QxCloud™ and the QxCloud™ as a Service represent the first truly modern trust infrastructure platform that has been designed with cloud migration and crypto migration as key drivers that address the specific security requirements needed for diverse hybrid cloud environments.”

Building upon the same QxTA™ the QxEDGE™ is based on, the QxCloud™ rethinks traditional crypto architecture, processes and functionalities for today’s emergent identity based zero trust crypto-agile requirements.

Some of the features that QxCloud™ provides:

  • Cloud scale performance and elasticity for workloads and transactions
  • Quorum-based dual control remote entitlement management capabilities for critical cloud infrastructure
  • HSM level threat mitigations that protects not just keys, but applications and data
  • Quantum Assured Security Module (QASM™), delivering hardware based cryptographic agility ensuring hybrid and post-quantum cryptographic migrations now and in the future.
  • Native support for the security applications and partner integrations used by SecDevOps teams running inside the QxCloud™ for cloud workload protection

QxCloud as a Service
C4A’s QxCloud™ as a Service is being launched separately with several Cloud providers allowing their customers to access QxCloud™ functionality as a service to the enterprise. This will assist the enterprise with its cloud migrations, the scaling of its capabilities in the Cloud and or on premises while also ensuring crypto-agility for emerging post quantum requirements.

Crypto4A’s QxCloud™ will be available to our early access partners in Q3 2021 with general availability in Q4 2021.  The QxCloud™ as a Service will be available to early access partners in Q4 2021. Technical specifications and capabilities are available to early access clients.

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