Cyber specialists forge strategic partnership to make cyber security more affordable for small businesses

Cyber specialists forge strategic partnership to make cyber security more affordable for small businesses

Cyber and technology specialists, Emerge Digital and Red Maple Technologies have forged a strategic partnership to bring enterprise-level cyber security solutions to SMEs at a time when small businesses struggle with the cost and resource of staying secure.

This year’s Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey reported how an increasing number of small to medium sized companies are struggling with their cyber hygiene since the pandemic. The number of micro businesses using up-to-date malware protection has dropped from 81% to 74% in two years, while there are now fewer medium sized firms with security controls on devices compared to last year. In a separate report, 38% admitted to having insufficient budget to adequately protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Emerge Digital will now incorporate Red Maple’s world-leading attack surface management solution, FractalScan Surface, into its recently launched OnyxSecure product suite, designed to bring enhanced enterprise-level cyber security to small businesses at more affordable prices.

“Red Maple recognises the indispensable role MSPs play in protecting small businesses from the relentless threat of cyber-attacks,” said Rob Stemp, CEO at Red Maple Technologies. “Our strategy revolves around equipping businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their cyber risks. By partnering with leading MSPs, such as Emerge Digital, we aim to extend our reach and provide our state-of-the-art attack surface management platform to a significant number of SMEs.”

The alliance marks the first time Red Maple’s FractalScan Surface will be available through an MSP with OnyxSecure backed by a dedicated team of highly certified cyber security engineers. Not only is it bringing together two companies that share a keen focus on cyber security but who also have a common interest to protect the small business community.

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Tom Henson, Emerge Digital’s Managing Director, added: “Our shared values and vision make this collaboration with Red Maple Technologies a natural choice. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit we share in supporting the small business community.”

“Security shouldn’t be a privilege confined to big corporations,” continued Henson. “This partnership allows us to bring top-tier security to all businesses, irrespective of their size. We look forward to helping our clients optimise their cyber security posture through the integration of FractalScan Surface.”

Utilising FractalScan Surface’s continuous scanning capabilities, Emerge Digital can identify and proactively manage potential risks, significantly reducing clients’ vulnerability to cyber-attacks. This partnership is built for mutual growth, with feedback from Emerge Digital’s engineers directly influencing FractalScan’s future development.

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