CybeReady Unveils Advanced Data-Driven Analytics to Revolutionize Cybersecurity Awareness Training

CybeReady Unveils Advanced Data-Driven Analytics to Revolutionize Cybersecurity Awareness Training

CybeReady, a global leader in security awareness training, today announced a major enhancement to the company’s award-winning cybersecurity awareness training solution with the launch of PhishCageT analytics, which delivers a proactive response to phishing threats. With PhishCage, security professionals can see exactly where the employee security risks lie, which groups in the organization are more prone to policy violations and how to better dedicate resources to mitigate these risks. The enhanced training platform has been optimized with ML- enabled processes that quickly analyze and interpret high volumes of behavioral data to be used for combatting the dramatic rise in phishing attacks.

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s latest Phishing Activity Trends Report 1,270,883 total phishing attacks were observed in Q3, 2022, a new record and the worst quarter for phishing that the APWG has ever observed. It was also noted in the report that Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks continued to be troublesome, and the number of wire transfer BEC attacks in Q3 increased by 59%, reinforcing the need for proactive solutions against this problematic situation.

CybeReady’s vision to deliver actionable security insights to CISOs has now been realized with a detailed organizational risk profile that reveals progress and trends in employee culture and the evolution of security-focused behaviors over time. This active reporting allows security and risk professionals to see a change in security culture, thanks to the active reporting available through PhishCage.

As of this announcement, PhishCage is available as part of CybeReady’s BLAST (Behavioral Phishing simulations & Training) product offering. The PhishCage reporting solution is based on an integration with the Microsoft Office 365 add-on and provides data regarding employee reporting habits. The new reporting solution provides enables employees to proactively participate in keeping the organization phish-free – turning employees into security champions. It enables CybeReady-trained employees to help protect the organization from malicious email activity by reporting these emails to CybeReady’s Analysis Center for further analysis and mitigation- justifying resource allocation for the awareness training effort.

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CybeReady’s latest generation training platform provides significant value to CISOs by:

1. Creating learning opportunities – Every reporting action taken by an employee opens the door to a quick training experience that reinforces the continuous learning effort.
2. Immediate Feedback – Employees receive real-time feedback on the reported email, with specific input on the suspicious signs they may have or may have not noticed.
3. Reporting analytics are integrated with Phishing Analytics data to provide a more holistic view of the organizational learning progress.

“CybeReady’s new generation of out of the box cybersecurity awareness training solutions cater to customer IT teams’ security requirements without additional burden,” said Deepali Sathe, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Its solutions facilitate behavior and culture change with adaptive training and respond to dynamic employee risks. The comprehensive solution analysis reveals CybeReady’s data-driven approach, which sets a new standard of innovation and helps it to excel as compared to legacy security awareness solutions.”

“As the threat landscape evolves, cybersecurity attacks, including phishing, continue to be a top concern for security professionals,” said Eitan Fogel, CEO, CybeReady. “It is imperative that organizations use data and strong analytics to monitor and measure the training progress. CybeReady continues to innovate so cybersecurity leaders can always stay a few steps ahead. Our latest enhancements allow us to support the global business community in these efforts more than ever before.”

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