Cyberinc Isla Isolation Platform Integrates with FireEye to Strengthen Endpoint Security for Customers


Prominent Remote Browser Isolation Platform Combined with Industry-leading Threat Detection Gives Organizations Better Protection Against Known and Unknown Threats

Cyberinc today announced that the Cyberinc Isla Browser Isolation Platform now integrates with the FireEye Detection On-Demand threat detection service to offer customers greater endpoint security against the latest known and unknown threats.

The combination of Cyberinc’s Zero Trust browser isolation solution with the industry-leading threat detection from FireEye helps ensure that companies can protect workers and devices connecting to cloud systems and apps from the dangers of ransomware, phishing, malware and other prominent web-based threats.

The integration is of particular significance with today’s ‘work-anywhere’ models and increased reliance on the cloud. The FireEye Detection On-Demand offering delivers flexible file and content scans across multiple platforms to identify file-borne threats in the cloud. Cyberinc Isla neutralizes web, email, and document-based threats to prevent the most damaging attacks from causing harm before they can penetrate a company’s endpoints or the network.

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“To have the most impact, cybersecurity needs to be proactive rather than reactive,” said Ramesh Gupta, SVP and GM of Network Security at FireEye. “Our frontline intelligence coupled with our market-leading MVX technology helps power innovation in our threat detection service. This enables customers and partners to uncover the threats that matter in a timely manner. By integrating FireEye Detection On Demand with Cyberinc’s remote browser isolation platform, we’re giving mutual customers the powerful ability to discover advanced browser-based threats and stop them before they have a chance to act.”

“FireEye is an industry leader in threat detection, powered by its innovative technology and threat intelligence. Integrating the Cyberinc Isla browser isolation solution with FireEye offers our customers a seamless and formidable way to stop attacks from getting through,” said Rajiv Raghunarayan, SVP Products at Cyberinc. “Reducing end-user risks to the business, especially with more remote users and cloud services, requires shrinking the exposed attack surface, building security into the end-user workflow, and making response efficient. Together FireEye and Cyberinc can help our joint customers attain a preemptive security model needed to stop threats before they can act, while also accelerating and improving the efficacy of response.”