Cybersixgill joins Maltego’s Transform Hub

Cybersixgill joins Maltego's Transform Hub

Cybersixgill, a leader in threat intelligence enablement and enrichment, announced today its extended offering to the thousands of users of Maltego, a software used for open-source intelligence and forensics.

The Cybersixgill Maltego Transforms allow Maltego users to gain unparalleled context by harnessing the most extensive intelligence collection from the deep and dark web. This will enable Maltego users to get better results and broader context – faster than before.

“Leveraging the broadest and deepest collection of real-time threat intelligence from deep and dark web is especially crucial in crime investigations,” said Ron Shamir, VP product and tech alliances at Cybersixgill. “Cybersixgill Transforms allow Maltego users to employ a ‘zoom-out, zero-in’ approach at unprecedented speed and accuracy: zoom-out on a small lead, gain more context, expand the intelligence picture to finally zero-in on a suspect.”

In addition to providing an extra layer of contextual enrichment for every investigation, the Cybersixgill Transforms enhance the effectiveness of other Maltego Transforms, thereby unlocking dead-ends, uncovering intel items and connections for accelerated investigations. Validating sources, connecting the dots, and finding links between seemingly unrelated investigations – are now done easily through Maltego’s visual analysis.

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“One of Maltego’s key benefits is the ability to create a clear visualization of any threat intelligence investigation,” said Dr. Rebecca Köhler, head of data integrations and partnerships at Maltego.

“Cybersixgill Transforms help deliver clarity and concision to any evolving investigation. Maltego’s data bundle offering and free allowances for enterprise customers make it easy to leverage deep and dark web threat intelligence to fuel other sources and accelerate investigations-all in a single interface.”

Reflecting the Cybersixgill and Maltego joint commitment to unleash the potential of real-time, automated threat intelligence, Maltego users also have the ability to further expand their investigations by pivoting to the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal via a secure API, gaining even more knowledge as to threat actors’ experience, motivations, history, and more.

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