Cylitic Security Joins the Tanium Partner Advantage Program to Deliver Endpoint Visibility and Control

Cylitic Security

Cylitic Security, a cyber security services provider, announced that it joined the Tanium Partner Advantage Program. As a Tanium partner, Cylitic Security works with Tanium to deliver solutions that will help customers achieve extensive visibility and control of their networks that scale to millions of endpoints.

Cylitic is pioneering a comprehensive approach to help small to medium-sized businesses successfully fight off sophisticated cyberattacks. Fortune 100 companies each spend on average hundreds of millions of dollars annually on dedicated professional cyber security analysts, complicated tools and technologies to protect their systems. These companies aim to continuously monitor their networks looking for anomalies and act in real time to mitigate threats. Unfortunately, these standards are not always realistic for smaller entities. Additionally, security talent is expensive and sparse and some cyber security technology vendors don’t sell to smaller entities.  Cylitic’s purpose is to bring advanced capabilities to entities who normally otherwise wouldn’t have this access. It is leveling the playing field against threat adversaries who specifically target smaller organizations.

“I am personally excited to be partnering with Tanium once again. Their platform is second to none and will enable us to deploy advanced protection and incident response that has never before been seen in the environments that we operate within. We are making high standards of cyber security and operations available for organizations of all sizes and Tanium is playing a key role in this mission,” said Andrew Thornton, Cylitic Security’s Chief Security Officer.

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“We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of companies that are looking to service providers to help create a strong cybersecurity foundation to combat the ever-escalating threat landscape,” said Todd Palmer, global head of partner sales at Tanium. “We’re delighted to partner with Cylitic Security to provide real-time visibility into customer endpoints, rapid response to investigate or remediate threats and comprehensive control when action is needed.”

Tanium works with partners to help their customers gain valuable insight into their critical IT assets, whether across laptops, servers, virtual machines, containers or cloud infrastructure. Being part of the Tanium partner ecosystem enables partners to combine their offerings with Tanium’s endpoint management and security platform to help organizations continually manage technology risk and close endpoint visibility gaps.

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