Cynalytica Introduces New ICS Monitoring Sensor

Cynalytica Introduces New ICS Monitoring Sensor-01

Cynalytica Inc., a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), today unveiled its next-generation ICS network sensor that delivers secure out-of-band visibility and monitoring for Level 0/1 serial and analog ICS/SCADA communications.

Cynalytica’s new ICS sensor for OT OptICS provides extended capabilities offering both serial and analog communications monitoring, cellular support, SFP capability, and additional serial physical layer and DPI protocol support.

This new sensor will be released as part of Cynalytica’s Enterprise SerialGuard® AnalytICS & OT OptICS Platforms. The combined technologies signify a crucial security and situational awareness advancement for critical infrastructure’s ICS cyber defenses.

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“Under the current status quo, level 0/1 serial communications and analog signals are either overlooked or not securely monitored”, said Richard Robinson, CEO of Cynalytica. “This means operators lack complete visibility, situational awareness, and security of their cyber-physical processes leaving a significant capabilities gap in protecting mission and operations”.

This new capability for ICS and OT Operators will not only empower them to securely access and contextualize these communications at the lowest level of their ICS network but will also help them detect anomalous behavior in real-time, resulting in increased situational awareness, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved ICS cybersecurity posture.

Cynalytica’s SerialGuard® AnalytICS Platform is a fully-passive and fail-safe monitoring and intrusion detection system that brings real-time visibility to the lowest layers of the OT network and seamlessly integrates with 3rd Party SIEMs, like Splunk® for optimized visibility, enhanced event correlation, and effective SOAR execution.

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