Cytaka rewards cybersecurity developers with $ 1 million in prizes

Cytaka rewards cybersecurity developers with _ 1 million in prizes

Doron Amir , CEO of Cytaka , is passionate about cybersecurity. He envisions a safer and more connected world. Its aim is to stop cyberattacks, not by tracking the threat actors, but by preventing the code vulnerabilities that make them easy targets.

Every day we see a new headline about a cyber attack.

“It’s time to switch the global celebrity culture from muscle and beauty to brains,” says Amir. “We want to create ‘cyber heroes.’ Our goal is to find the brightest minds in the world of software development and give them the To bring the fame and honor they deserve. ”

The Cytaka platform  offers playful, cybersecurity-oriented programming education and training especially for software developers. They earn points for completing tasks – and they get cash too: $ 1 million every month if they make it into the live competition.

The first competition will take place on August 15th in Dubai .

By successfully completing challenges at all levels of the CyTaka app  – beginner, student, professional, and expert, including the Expert Gold Challenges, users will receive points that can earn them anywhere from $ 50 to $ 7,000 from Cytaka. The competition is rescheduled every month so that even less experienced participants have the chance to get into the top 10 players.

The app has both a free version and a subscription model, where members have the option of receiving larger rewards. It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store . Participation in the app requires extensive personal validation to prevent fraud.

“Cytaka is a living, breathing, and constantly evolving application that creates a comprehensive learning environment,” says Amir. “Our attendees are introduced to the latest developments and trends in cybersecurity and DevSecOps so they can stay up to date hold, expanding their professional knowledge while addressing the cybersecurity staff shortage head on.

Our partners for the app include large software companies, “continued Amir.” Global companies have a direct incentive to hire our players because they are recognized as the really best and brightest in software development. ”

The information about the professional skills and qualities of the participant is summarized on his “Achievement Page” and is 100% objective and up-to-date. Cytaka now enables employers and HR managers to find potential applicants who meet the professional requirements and qualities of the Employer, regardless of place of residence, gender, age and belief; this makes it easier for people from less developed regions or communities to enter the global world of work than well-paid professionals.

Employers will  publish their own challenges in the “Jobs” section of Cytaka . Once a user has successfully completed these challenges, the employer will be given access to his success page. It creates a win-win situation for the potential employee and the employer. As a winner of competition, the applicants are in a much stronger negotiating position and the employer has access to top candidates with proven qualifications.

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“While offering cash and prizes will increase developers’ knowledge of cybersecurity, our goals are much bigger,” he says. “Developing exceptional security awareness and focusing on writing more secure, stable, and less vulnerable code will address the cybersecurity crisis head on.

“Making the world’s brightest software developers heroes will make the programming and cybersecurity professions much more glamorous and inspire future generations,” he continued enter the world of cybersecurity. ”

The “secret ingredient” of the participation encouragement app is to leverage both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

“In addition to the cash prizes, we also take advantage of the competitive nature of the people,” says Amir. “Participants in the app are rated publicly so that they can see what they need to achieve in order to outperform their competitors. They also receive their personal ranking list, the shows how far they have come since they started, and which strengthens their motivation to continue to achieve something and to fully exploit their potential. ”

The entire Cytaka ecosystem is only the first step.

“We deal with the most urgent and difficult problems that we face as a globally networked society. Converting developers into cybersecurity experts is only the first step, “Amir concluded.

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