Datadog Acquires Timber Technologies

Datadog Acquires Timber Technologies

Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced that it has acquired Timber Technologies, the developers of Vector, a vendor-agnostic, high-performance observability data pipeline. With Vector, customers can collect, enrich, and transform logs, and other observability data both on-premises and in cloud environments, and can route this data automatically to the destination of their choice.

Observability data like logs, traces and metrics are critical to organizations maintaining the health and availability of their applications. However, enterprises can often have hundreds of legacy and cloud observability technologies deployed across their applications, making it impossible to manage the egress of sensitive data, consolidate monitoring platforms and control costs. With Vector, customers will be able to solve these challenges by gaining full control over how and what data flows out of applications into observability platforms whether they run on-premises or in the cloud.

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“Observability has become central to how businesses operate in the modern digital world, yet organizations have little to no control over what data is collected and managed by multiple observability platforms, creating complex compliance issues, vendor lock-in and cost overruns,” said Renaud Boutet, Vice President, Product, Datadog. “With Datadog’s ‘Without Limits‘ model we introduced some choices for customers for how to manage their observability data in the cloud. And, with Vector, we plan to bring this flexibility to on-premises environments while also adding many new features.”

“Our vision for Vector has always been to help customers take back control of their observability data,” said Zach Sherman, CEO, Timber Technologies. “Working with Datadog means we will be able to expand on that vision, to build the ultimate observability pipeline for logs, metrics and traces, and to improve the monitoring experience for millions of engineering teams around the world.”

“Tool sprawl is a top complaint we hear about from teams struggling to more efficiently monitor their applications and infrastructure,” said Brian Partridge, Vice President, Infrastructure, DevOps and IoT, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.”One of the most significant problems stems from difficulty unifying the analysis of data collected in different tools. Tools may ingest a certain type of data, like metrics or logs, and when the data is kept in silos, it becomes more difficult to discover a problem. It can further slow down incident response when practitioners must switch tools.”1

Under the terms of the acquisition, co-founder and CEO Zach Sherman and co-founder and CTO Ben Johnson will join Datadog within the product and engineering teams respectively to build this integrated vision. The core team from Timber Technologies will become Datadog employees. For more information, visit the Vector website.