DatChat Launches First Totally Private Social Network

Private Social Network

New Fully Encrypted Social Media and Messaging Platform includes “Self-Destruct” Features and More for Assured User Privacy and Security

While social media censorship is rapidly spreading, DatChat gives users their privacy back. Launched today, and available for free for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, DatChat is a fully encrypted social media and messaging platform. DatChat allows users to change how long posts and messages can be viewed before or after they are shared, prevents screenshots, and allows users to “nuke” entire conversations that disappear from the parties’ devices.

DatChat’s patented technology also offers users a traditional texting experience while providing total control and security for their messages.

The DatChat private social network creates a secure and completely private space to post, share, and comment with your friends and associates. Only those you allow will be able to see your posts and comments. Additionally, messages cannot be screenshotted, forwarded, or shared. All posts are encrypted and can be permanently deleted—without a trace at any time or set to self-destruct at a specific time. Based on patented technology, the DatChat social privacy platform creates a unique social network to safely share and talk with your friends without the worry of censorship, getting canceled or the prying eyes of Big Data.

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Darin Myman, CEO of DatChat, said, “DatChat strongly believes that we all are entitled to the same privacy and freedom of speech online that we have talking to our friends in our own living rooms.  DatChat will never censor what you are sharing and commenting on. Our technology insures that we do not have access to your messages, so we have no idea what you are talking about.”

Features of DatChat include:

Create Multiple Social Networks:  Keep your friends, family, and work associates all separate.  Create networks that require an invite to join or public groups that are searchable.  Our easy to use social network management makes it simple to create the type of social network you want, and it will always be private and secure.

Nuke & Self-Destructing Social Posts and Messages: The sender decides how many times pictures, posts or messages can be viewed before they self-destruct. The sender can also dictate how many views are left or erase the content at any time. Users can even opt to Nuke messages, which erase both sides of the conversation on both the sender and recipient’s devices.  At any time, a member of the creator of a social network can “Nuke” all of their comments and posts from that group so that they instantly self-destruct without a trace.

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Screenshot Prevention & Notification: Now you can prevent screenshots with our unique anti-screenshot technology that allows you to view an entire message or picture while protecting it from screenshots.  If someone tries to screenshot, you will be notified immediately, and the post will automatically self-destruct for that user.

Encryption: All DatChat messages and posts are encrypted to ensure your posts and messages are only seen by you and your recipients. In addition, all DatChat messages are sent through HTTPS connections, the protocol over which data is sent between the DatChat app and the DatChat servers that you are connected to, and certificates are pinned to prevent man in the middle attack.

Message Security: Only you and your recipients can view your messages and posts, which cannot be forwarded or shared with anyone else. While on the DatChat servers, messages CANNOT be viewed by anyone because only you have the key. AT NO time does DatChat ever have your key and no one at the company has the ability to ever read your messages.

Biometrics/Facial Recognition/Passwords: You can use your phone’s biometric or facial recognition security to protect your DatChat messages and set simple or complex passwords for added protection.

Anonymity: Stay anonymous with only a username. You don’t have to verify your phone number or email to use DatChat.

What Happens to Self-Destructed Messages? Once a message self-destructs on its own or you choose to erase it, the message disappears forever. No record remains in DatChat or our servers. Remember that DatChat messages are double encrypted and cannot be read without the key that only you have.