Device Authority and Trusted Objects announce end-to-end software security solution for all Edge IoT devices

Device Authority and Trusted Objects announce end-to-end software security solution for all Edge IoT devices-01

Device Authority, a global leader in identity and access management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT), and Trusted Objects, a leading player in cybersecurity technologies for embedded systems and cloud device management platforms, today announced their integration between TO-protect software root-of-trust (RoT) and KeyScaler IoT platform. Last year Trusted Objects joined the KeyScaler Ready program which enabled both teams to work closely together to provide a combined solution for IoT Edge devices.

IoT security solutions must be adapted to manage connected device constraints, including limited computing capabilities, lower cost, power consumption and scalability. Trusted Objects’ TO-protect RoT is based on state-of-the-art technologies to protect IoT devices, including innovative embedded secure libraries for generic microcontrollers. TO-protect offers a lower cost alternative to a Secure Element or TPM, enabling:

  • Easy to integrate on-device software RoT
  • Prevention against logical and physical security attacks on IoT devices exposed to threats
  • Pre-validated SDKs to work alongside various chipset families
  • Fully integrated in several IoT chains to achieve a Chain of Trust
  • Compatible with existing hardware (no redesign / no impact on the BOM),
  • Easy security retrofit for devices already in the field with MCU FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air).

Integrating TO-protect with KeyScaler enables full end to end Security Life Cycle management from Edge to Enterprise into any IoT Cloud application e.g. Microsoft Azure, Avnet IoTConnect, AWS, Ericsson, PTC ThingWorx, Google. Utilizing a software RoT in IoT deployments meets the needs for robust device security, at the same time providing scalability to meet the needs of new and legacy device deployments. This software model works incredibly well for distributors such as Avnet, who can provide device software “SKUs” for OEMs and enable Security Lifecycle Management into the Avnet IoTConnect platform, and at the same time saving the customer BOM cost and potential redesigns.

“The integration of TO-protect to KeyScaler showcases how easy it can be to build Edge to Enterprise solutions with KeyScaler, to meet the needs of our customers and channel partners. The Trusted Objects solution offers a disruptive alternative to TPMs and SE where cost and redesign are prohibitive. It’s great to see our teams collaborate to bring this software root-of-trust based solution to market” said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority.

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Sami Anbouba, CEO of Trusted Objects, states: “This partnership is another milestone on our journey in securing the IoT. We have demonstrated that our technologies enable Identity and Access Management for constrained IoT devices securely and at scale.
The integration of our TO-protect software RoT to KeyScaler was very straightforward and we are confident that it will run the same way with our customers.”

“Our customers and suppliers are demanding software alternatives to Secure Elements and Trusted Platform Modules. Having Software and Hardware options enables us to serve our OEMs to meet the needs of their Go-To-Markets. Connecting TO-protect to KeyScaler, and KeyScaler to our IoTConnect platform brings Security Lifecycle Management and Automation to our customers, to solve their Identity and Key management challenges that they face every day. This software alternative to secure hardware combined with the secure programming capabilities offered by Avnet Programming Centers make it a viable solution to solve the logistics issue faced by our customers when deploying their products.” said Lou Lutostanski, VP Internet Of Things, Avnet.

Learn more about the partnership and technology during a webcast session with device authority and Trusted Objects at our Virtual IoT Security Summit here:

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