Digi International Chooses MaxLinear PCIe Bridges and Serial Transceivers for Integration into Digi Connect Console Access Servers

Digi International

MaxLinear Inc. (NASDAQ: MXL) today announced that Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), a global leader in IoT connectivity products and services, selected MaxLinear PCIe bridges and serial transceivers for the Digi Connect® IT high-performance console access servers used in data center and infrastructure markets.

As the nature of employment continues to change dramatically, remote access has become a vital workplace strategy, driving the greater need for secure remote management of data centers and devices. Digi Connect® IT console access servers give remote workers high-speed connectivity to securely and reliably monitor performance, troubleshoot issues, and supply reliable backup in the server room, at branch offices, or in other remote locations.

Console servers must connect up to 96 servers simultaneously through serial protocols such as RS-232. The MaxLinear PCIe bridges provide wide serial-port expansion that easily scales with customer connectivity requirements These products are well suited to the rapidly growing segment of 64-port (and higher) console servers. Pin compatibility across the family and expansion bus interface allows easy scaling from 4 up to 16 serial ports on a single PCIe lane.

“Thanks to the growth of IoT and cloud storage, the data center market is growing and expected to reach revenues of over $69 billion by 2024 according to Research and Markets,” said James Lougheed, Vice President of Marketing, High-Performance Analog & Accelerators for MaxLinear. “MaxLinear is committed to providing a wide range of products to serve the data center market, including PCIe bridges, serial transceivers, storage accelerators, optical transceivers, power regulators, Ethernet PHYs and switches. We’re very proud to partner with Digi and provide key components for their console access servers found in data centers worldwide.”

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“MaxLinear is a market leader in PCIe bridges and has been a dependable component supplier to Digi for years,” said Terry Schneider, Vice President of Supply Chain for Digi. “We remain committed to providing secure and innovative products that bring unsurpassed reliability in remote connectivity applications. By integrating MaxLinear technologies, Digi can continue to deliver excellence in Digi Connect remote console access servers with greater scalability and performance.”

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