EasyDMARC Announces Launch of Cybercriminal-Fighting Platform

EasyDMARC Announces Launch of Cybercriminal-Fighting Platform

DMARC Inscribed Company Halts Phishing Attacks and Business Email Compromise

Today, EasyDMARC, a DMARC inscribed company that stops hackers from sending emails from company domains, announced the launch of its services in the United States. DMARC, which is short for Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance, is an email authorization protocol that piggybacks off SPF and DKIM systems to provide the highest level of domain security and protect against phishing attacks. The company allows businesses to boost their professional reputation and protect their financial information by utilizing an email authorization protocol with bank-level security.

According to an FBI report, businesses in the United States lost $1.7 billion from business email compromise (BEC) attacks in 2019. Hackers are finding new ways to steal sensitive information by launching phishing attacks related to COVID-19, including taking over hospital and healthcare systems and impersonating domains responsible for live video calls. Many BEC scams start with a phishing email that reaches an employee and attempts to gain unauthorized access to a business account.

Any company that uses email needs to have DMARC. This includes educational companies, government sectors, legal services, hospitals, and more. EasyDMARC has the highest-rated customer service reviews and makes the process easy to get secure. Currently, the company services more than 10,000 organizations. Their customers’ risks are significantly diminished and they enjoy the safest technology in an easy-to-understand method from field experts.

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EasyDMARC helps businesses establish and enforce email authentication protocols, determine specific actions that must be taken if an email does not pass a check, and report fraudulent emails. Using these powerful standards, EasyDMARC customers can quickly boost their business reputation and protect their information by preventing phishing emails from reaching their inbox.

EasyDMARC can help protect against the following BEC attacks:

  • Bogus invoice attacks: companies with foreign suppliers are often targeted by this type of BEC and prompted to make wire transfers
  • Attorney impersonations: this type of BEC occurs when a hacker pretends to be a lawyer and requests sensitive information, including money
  • CEO fraud: this BEC occurs when hackers pose as a company’s CEO and are promoted to send money
  • Account compromises: this attack occurs when an employee’s email is hacked and an email is sent to all email contacts requesting money
  • Data theft: this may occur when HR or bookkeeping employees are hacked and personal information is obtained, including tax statements, sensitive information about a client or W2s