EclecticIQ launches new platform and vision that re-imagines how threat intelligence is used in cyber defense

EclecticIQ launches new platform and vision that re-imagines how threat intelligence is used in cyber defense

EclecticIQ, a leading global threat intelligence, hunting, and response technology provider, today announced the launch of the new EclecticIQ Platform, which puts “Intelligence at the core™” of cyber defense.

The new open and extensible platform, built on the company’s robust threat intelligence solution (TIP), delivers endpoint detection and response (EDR) functionality, curated intelligence feeds, threat hunting and collaboration capabilities. It will be further enhanced later this year with extended detection and response (XDR) tools.

EclecticIQ Platform is designed to help customers stay ahead of the rapidly changing threat landscape and vastly expanded attack surface and to alleviate staffing shortages by running cyber threat intelligence and security operations more efficiently. By adopting EclecticIQ Platform, organizations can detect cyber threats earlier, remediate them more rapidly, and scale up their analyst function.

“Using intelligence to understand the threats facing your organization is important – but it’s only the first step,” said Joep Gommers, CEO of EclecticIQ. “You need to apply that understanding in practical ways to strengthen your security posture, especially with today’s growing attack surface of cloud and work from home.

The new EclecticIQ Platform is not only built on high-value threat intelligence, it allows you to operationalize that intelligence to seek out, detect, and defend against attacks. With this platform and our new vision, we are re-imagining how threat intelligence is delivered to and used by security teams to overcome challenges in scale, speed, and effectiveness.”

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Intelligence at the core™
Unlike traditional security practices and tools that treat intelligence as an add-on or a “nice to have” feature, EclecticIQ Platform integrates rich intelligence throughout the solution stack to inform threat analysts and hunters about known and unknown threats. This intelligence focuses on attackers’ tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) – not just indicators of compromise (IOCs) – to reduce alerts and reveal asymptomatic threats that may lurk in the environment.

Collaboration is another vital aspect of intelligence. To reduce isolation and encourage sharing of insights and findings, the platform provides tools that promote collaboration internally – within security operations, across teams – and externally across organizations and industries.

Open and extensible
EclecticIQ Platform is built with an open design and easy extensibility through powerful APIs and SDKs. It aligns with open standards such as Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX), Trusted Automated eXchange of Intelligence Information (TAXII), the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and OSQuery.

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As a fully open and extensible solution, EclecticIQ Platform allows organizations to select the most appropriate solutions and products. Customers may choose to focus on the trusted threat intelligence solution to enhance security operations or cyber threat intelligence functions, adopt the new EDR solution for improved endpoint visibility and threat response, or add the upcoming XDR capability.

New look, new website
As part of the launch of the new EclecticIQ Platform, the company has unveiled a completely updated corporate website with a new brand image. The striking visual design centers on cyberthreat intelligence and enriches the signature black and yellow EclecticIQ color scheme with colors and icons of leading threat intelligence entities.

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