EdgeConneX Brings Google Cloud Interconnect Services to Portland Edge Data Center Campus


Google Cloud Interconnect provides enterprises with dedicated and secure access to Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks

EdgeConneX®, a pioneer in Edge data center® development, announces the availability of Google Cloud Interconnect at its Portland Edge Data Center® (EDC) campus. The carrier-neutral Portland EDC now serves as a direct edge cloud on-ramp node from which customers can establish secure, scalable and affordable links to Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks. Bypassing the public Internet allows customer traffic to take fewer hops, so there are fewer points of potential failure where traffic might get dropped or disrupted. Moreover, these connections are often more cost-effective than purchasing additional bandwidth over the public Internet.

“Portland is a great example of a historical Edge market that has quickly become a major interconnection hub in the region, the Silicon Forest,” says Aron Smith, Vice President for Interconnection Product Management at EdgeConneX. “By offering premium, dedicated local private access to the cloud in Portland via Google Cloud Interconnect, our customers can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud with a secure, dedicated and local access solution. The fact that customers can simultaneously optimize performance and reduce costs, makes it even better.”

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The recently expanded EdgeConneX Portland Campus has one of the richest local service provider ecosystems available in the Portland market. EdgeConneX currently has two data centers at its Hillsboro site, offering the same carrier-neutral edge-based location and services, built to our exacting specifications, available for immediate deployments, with a third facility under development. Combined, the campus will offer up to 30MW of capacity.

  • The POR01 facility has 3MW N+1 of installed power — and more planned — with over 18,000 sq. ft. of raised floor for tenant racks
  • POR02 has 3MW N+1 of installed power, with planned power capacity of up to 6MW N+1, with a completed 8,300 sq. ft. data hall and another data hall planned to accommodate 8,550 sq. ft.

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  • Planned for development in 2021, POR03 will have the potential to support up to 13MW
  • To deliver a complete suite of solutions, all EdgeConneX data centers offer Remote hands, our award-winning DCIM solution, EdgeOS, and the EdgeConneX CustomerExperience, our reliable, repeatable customer lifecycle process