Efficiency enhancements allow Sectra to secure new Belgian enterprise imaging contract

Efficiency enhancements allow Sectra to secure new Belgian enterprise imaging contract-01 (1)

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra (STO: SECT B) and AZ Sint-Maria Halle in Belgium have signed a contract for Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution. AZ Sint-Maria Halle will be utilizing Sectra’s VNA and the modules for breast imaging and radiology, including the toolset for MSK radiology. All and all, this will improve radiology workflows, which in turn will allow for shorter lead times for patients.

“We were looking for a vendor that we can grow with to meet future needs and a solution that supports the healthcare teams with the tools and information needed, available from one application. For example, we will now be able to perform multilingual reporting—for instance, in Dutch and French—making our reading and reporting workflow more efficient. We look forward to working with Sectra to meet our needs and being able to provide the best possible care,” says Dr. Peters, Head of Radiology at AZ Sint-Maria Halle.

The radiologists will now be able to carry out reading and reporting directly in the Sectra solution, both from the hospital and remotely. They will also be able to perform structured reporting close to the images, providing the referring physician with a rich report without switching applications.

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To provide the care team with a full patient overview, the solution will also be integrated with surrounding IT systems used at AZ Sint-Maria Halle, such as the electronic medical record (EMR), KWS by nexuzhealth.

AZ Sint-Maria Halle, located close to Brussels, is part of a regional clinical network in Belgium. The Sectra solution will handle approximately 125,000 examinations and the contract was signed in January 2022.

Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution provides a unified strategy for all imaging needs while lowering operational costs. The scalable and modular solution, with a VNA at its core, allows healthcare providers to grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise. Visit Sectra’s website to read more about Sectra and why it’s top-ranked in ‘Best in KLAS’.

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