Elementus Collaborates with CryptoArmor to Bring Enhanced Protection to Blockchain Businesses


Elementus — a web3 company whose blockchain data intelligence platform helps forward thinking, data-driven organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of blockchain — today announced a partnership with CryptoArmor, a cybersecurity-as-a-service solution for web3 and crypto businesses. The combination of Elementus’ and CryptoArmor’s solutions will provide customers with one of the most powerful blockchain security solutions available, enabling web3 businesses to take a proactive approach to risk management amidst elevated levels of crypto crime. Crypto hacks in 2022 have totaled billions of dollars, with three of the most notable — Ronin Network, Wormhole Bridge, and Nomad Bridge — totaling over $1 billion.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with CryptoArmor, which brings together two powerful technologies that enable web3 businesses to confidently execute their blockchain strategies with even more comprehensive and secure services,” said Max Galka, CEO of Elementus. “As crypto crime continues to flourish, our partnership provides blockchain businesses with the tools to take a proactive approach to security through retained services of CryptoArmor and best-in-class data intelligence from Elementus.”

CryptoArmor specializes in crypto cybersecurity protection for crypto businesses and operations, securing crypto mining, blockchain, web3, NFT projects, wallets, exchanges and more. Its advanced cybersecurity platform is the end-to-end cybersecurity solution for businesses leveraging blockchain technologies and services, giving unparalleled protection of their assets and those of their customers. CryptoArmor’s services include one of the industry’s first crypto runtime protection software, an intrusion detection system built to prevent ransomware and advanced attacks targeting the crypto and blockchain industry. CryptoArmor offers cybersecurity services for incident response, as well as security architecture design, security program building, and advanced penetration tests. CryptoArmor offers an all-source intelligence approach that applies to national security risks and threats, drawing on OSINT, HUMINT, commercial data sets, big-data analytics tools and, now through its partnership with Elementus, blockchain and cryptocurrency analytics.

“As the crypto industry continues to mature and expand, businesses are facing increased threats from all angles and require the right combination of risk management and data intelligence tools to protect their business and customers,” said Brendon Kelley, Co-Founder of CryptoArmor. “The combination of CryptoArmor’s cybersecurity-as-a-service offering and Elementus’ unparalleled level of on-chain attribution data brings businesses one of the most powerful blockchain security solutions available and provides them with the latest tools to build a proactive approach to risk management.”

Elementus’ blockchain intelligence platform is being used by financial institutions to build the future of finance and commerce on the bedrock of blockchain and digital currencies, and by key U.S. governmental agencies to solve some of the most high-profile ransomware investigations. The company was recently selected by the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee of Celsius Network to conduct a forensic investigation. Its platform — which enables investigation of on-chain activities, identifying risk and discovering valuable market intelligence — provides the most complete data set and sophisticated tagging/attribution capabilities on the market, resulting in the actionable insights businesses need to grow and prosper safely in a web3 world. Elementus’ data-first core and proprietary algorithms give it a complete view into the flow of funds at the most granular level, empowering financial services and crypto exchanges to use blockchain data strategically with the highest degree of confidence.

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Together, Elementus and CryptoArmor help blockchain businesses with:

  • Threat detection – Elementus’ unparalleled on-chain attribution data and CryptoArmor’s XDR product help detect threats posed by bad actors and respond in real-time, delivering a powerful, multi-layered web3 security solution to the blockchain market.
  • Security for web3 development – CryptoArmor’s smart contract vulnerability detection and remediation solution combined with Elementus’ blockchain data and analytics offers a powerful, proactive approach to smart contract code security that applies security intelligence and vulnerability data to ensure that any and all code vulnerabilities are identified and resolved before they are deployed into production.

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