Ensuring Secure And Precise Facility Control And Monitoring

Ensuring Secure and Precise Facility Control and Monitoring

HanAra Software, a data management and predictive analytics technology company, has released HanHMI into the North American market. As a part of HanAra’s solution suite, HanHMI will enable organizations to improve the stability and efficiency of plant operations beyond current capabilities of existing HMIs.

With a proven track record of advanced DCS interface technology in the Asian nuclear, thermal, and combined-cycle power industry, HanHMI will enable users to accurately monitor plant operation data and safely control facilities.

HanHMI provides an up-to-date, advanced, and robust HMI that is compatible with various DCSs including GE Mark V, ABB Procontrol, Siemens Teleperm XP, and MHI MIDAS 8000. Plant operators can easily and rapidly analyze vast amounts of complex historical and real-time data. Plant operators and other HanHMI users benefit from:

  • Substantial improvement of control and monitoring system performance,
  • Redundant server and network configuration that enables highly secure operation, and
  • User-friendly graphic design and interfaces for easy operation and usage.

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Coupled with HanAra’s data historian, HanPrism, and plant health index, HanPHI, HanAra solutions help industries like power generation, manufacturing, and oil and gas take advantage of data-informed decision-making.

As companies gradually progress on their own digital transformation journeys, it is important that all layers of the organization from the field level to headquarters have access to reliable and accurate tools. Organizations can rely on tools like HanHMI to help improve operations while reducing failures.

“HanAra’s mission is to improve the world’s infrastructure through our software and services,” Hojoon Seo, president of HanAra Software, said at the virtual kickoff of HanHMI in North America. “By augmenting our solution offerings with the HanHMI control capability, our customers will take advantage of optimized control, real-time monitoring, improved data collection and analysis, and most importantly an effective control environment. With HanHMI, our users will have a quick and accurate understanding of plant conditions to be able to take the right actions at the right time.”

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