Entropic Revolutionizes Spy Camera & Smart Device Detection with AI Computer Vision

Entropic Revolutionizes Spy Camera _ Smart Device Detection with AI Computer Vision

Entropic, an innovator in cyberprivacy and decentralization, today launched deviceOwl “Fernandina”, fostering a new age of device privacy protection empowered by AI computer vision.

DeviceOwl is a “point-and-shoot” hardware device scanner that visually comprehends and identifies thousands of popular consumer smart devices and covert spy cameras, helping individuals to identify devices, understand their sensory capabilities, and the resulting privacy implications.

The use of covert spy cameras has seen a significant increase in the past decade, with disguised cameras being planted in inappropriate areas of rental properties, conference rooms, hotel rooms, home stays, and public areas to surreptitiously monitor the activities of individuals, and erode their privacy.

The rapid evolution of household smart devices has also greatly enhanced the convenience, and peace of mind we have at home, but sometimes at a cost of privacy and security.

DeviceOwl reveals long-overdue elements of information about these devices, delivering simple yet holistic information about their capabilities, including:

  • The privacy severity level of the device
  • The device model & vendor
  • Details about onboard sensors, and how information is gathered, stored and transferred
  • How the device is controlled, and notifies its operator
  • Details about the geopolitical/nation state affiliations of the device manufacturer
  • Whether the device manufacturer is currently on the US government’s trade blacklist
  • Details about the AI capabilities of the device

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DeviceOwl Basic Edition helps individuals reveal the sensory capabilities of popular household consumer smart devices. A subscription to Advanced Edition boosts these capabilities, by adding detection of thousands of known covert consumer surveillance devices, currently being sold across major online shopping sites.

Once fully updated, deviceOwl uses edge-based AI to forego any dependence on a centralized cloud, or network when checking devices, making it ideal for use in areas with limited network coverage.

DeviceOwl’s knowledge is backed by the Owl Cognition Network, a network of true AI-based device threat intelligence, refined by Entropic Labs, giving deviceOwl the ability to visually recognize devices.

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