EPAM Acquires Israel-based White-Hat Ltd., Reinforcing Position As A Global Leader In Zero Trust Cybersecurity

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  • What’s the News? EPAM acquires White-Hat Ltd., a leading cybersecurity services company.
  • Why it’s Important? Enterprise organizations are digitally transforming at an accelerated pace. Modernizing legacy applications, systems and business process also means making an investment in a zero trust technology partner who can help deliver a customized, proactive cyber defense to deter would be attackers and reduce breach access.
  • Who is it For? Global enterprises

Learn about EPAM’s Security Capabilities.

Companies are going digital—at speed and scale—and while modernizing legacy applications, systems and business process, it’s important to make investments in a zero trust technology partner who can help leverage the right people, processes, and tools to rapidly recover your business from attacks originating from today’s threat actors.

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and development services, today announced its acquisition of White-Hat Ltd.—expanding their comprehensive cybersecurity expertise portfolio and diversifying their EMEA delivery capabilities.

“We’re pleased to welcome White-Hat to the EPAM family. Adding their expertise, methodologies, and team of talented professionals will help our clients design cybersecurity into their applications—at agile speed and cloud scale—while advancing towards Zero Trust Architecture,” said Sam Rehman, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Cybersecurity, EPAM Systems. “As organizations modernize their architectures and applications, their devices, users, applications, and networks become potential breach points, making it imperative to secure infrastructure and protect sensitive data. We’ve increased our cybersecurity investments, because security should be as pervasive as the cloud.”

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Since 2013, White-Hat, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, has safeguarded its customers’ businesses using innovative methodologies and an in-depth understanding of the attacker’s mindset and landscape.

Taking an ‘offense as a form of defense’ approach, White-Hat handles some of the most sophisticated attacks in the world for governmental, banking, insurance, aerospace and energy organizations.

Their research-based incident response toolsets and methodologies rapidly bring an organization to a full understanding of what happened and how to contain, eradicate and recover—leaving them prepared to respond to the next attack.

Services include Eye of the Enemy to optimize a company’s defensive strategy, incident response, threat hunting, global cyber intelligence, Security Operation Center (SOC), Advanced Persistance Threat (APT) and Penetration Test (PT).

“We are excited about this new chapter for our organization. By joining EPAM our employees will have an opportunity to work with many of the world’s leading brands and our customer will gain access to end-to-end digital transformation and platform engineering services,” said Ofer Levinger, CEO at White-Hat, Ltd. “We are ready to combine our cybersecurity know-how and bring new, innovative solutions to market.  Our expertise in Incident Response and Threat Hunting will allow us to rapidly enhance EPAM’s Offensive Security approaches to address the needs of the modern digital enterprise.”

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