EU SECRET approval for SDoT Security Gateway Cross Domain Solution

EU SECRET approval for SDoT Security Gateway Cross Domain Solution-01

SDoT Security Gateway ” security appliance has received general SECRET UE / EU SECRET approval from the European Council following an independent evaluation by an EU security authority. INFODAS GmbH is the only one in the world Cybersecurity Manufacturer of Cross Domain Solutions, whose products can be used in Germany, EU and NATO up to SECRET. The SDoT Security Gateway allows the filtering of structured and unstructured data. The accreditation of domain transitions up to EU SECRET-classified systems for EU institutions and EU member states easy.

In the past, the focus was on the physical separation of secret systems and data in military and official high-security areas. This approach stands in the way of consistent process digitization (end to end) in these areas. Thanks to the approvals, classified systems EU / EC SECRET can be directly connected to systems with a lower classification such as CONFIDENTIEL UE / EU CONFIDENTIAL or RESTREINT UE / EU RESTRICTED. Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) are usually combined with firewalls so that secret systems are protected from external dangers such as malware.

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In addition to the Security Gateway, the SDoT family includes other high-security products : The SDoT Security Gateway Express, optimized for the bidirectional, low-latency exchange of structured data such as XML in near-real-time scenarios, as well as the SDoT Diode  for unidirectional data transfer up to 9.1 Gbit / s, has been available for longer than a general license up to GEHEIM, NATO SECRET and EU SECRET. The SDoT labeling service allows the handling of unstructured data such as MS Office documents through data classification using NATO STANAG 4774/8 compliant XML security labels that are cryptographically linked to data – and that with a general approval up to SECRET. Media breaks and swivel chair interfaces are a thing of the past with SDoT.

The SDoT Security Gateway is developed and produced in Germany according to Security by Design principles and is continuously evaluated by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It has been in use in sensitive environments for over 10 years. “The independent judgment from the European Council and the EU member states confirms the continuous work of our team on secure and innovative network gateways. The SDoT products are a success story for security made in Germany “, says Dr. Alexander Schellong , VP Global Business, INFODAS GmbH.

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