Everything Blockchain Inc. Extend Its Intellectual Property Portfolio

Everything Blockchain Inc. (EBI), (OTCMKTS: OBTX), a technology company that provides powerful data protection solutions for business owners and individual consumers, today announced that it filed two additional patents for EB Control. EB Control is an easy-to-use and affordable data protection SaaS application.

These patents are pivotal to further EBI’s intellectual property and showcase’s our ability to innovate in this rapidly growing market. In fact, Fortune Business Insights states that the global blockchain market size is projected to reach $163.83 billion in 2029, at a CAGR of 56.3% during the forecast period. They also predict the global cybersecurity market to reach $376.32 billion in 2029, at a CAGR of 13.4%. The addition of these two patents expands the company’s provisional patent portfolio to 23 globally.

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The solutions offered by EBI enable it to be ideally poised to empower companies to take advantage of blockchain’s advanced confidentiality and integrity, secure messaging, authentication fortification and strengthened public key infrastructure.

“Blockchain and cybersecurity are hot categories that require rapid innovation in order for companies to stay ahead of the curve,” said Brandon Hart, Chief Technology Officer, EBI. “Expanding our portfolio of patents helps us meet the needs of our customers with innovative solutions while protecting our IP.”

With EB Control, the original data owner retains control of who, when, how and where their data can be accessed. EB Control, which was launched into market in July, is secure by design, as reinforced by an independent third-party architectural review conducted by Bridgery Technologies LLC. EB Control is available to individual customers on desktop via the EB Control website (www.ebcontrol.io) and mobile via the Apple store and Google Play store.

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