Eviden Introduces “AIsaac Cyber Mesh”, supported by AWS, for reinforced cyber resilience

Eviden Introduces

Eviden, an Atos business, a leader in digital, cloud, big data and security, today announces AIsaac Cyber Mesh, a next generation of cybersecurity detection and response, reinforced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Data Lake and powered by generative AI technologies. AIsaac Cyber Mesh offers an advanced end-to-end detection, response, and recovery solution, built on a cybersecurity mesh-enabled architecture1 using generative AI and predictive analytics.

Combined with Amazon Security Lake, which centralizes data from multiple sources including on-premises and custom sources, AIsaac Cyber Mesh enables businesses to have a more complete understanding of the scope and impact of security incidents. This powerful use of Eviden’s AI-powered cyber mesh on top of AWS services enables faster and more accurate alert detection that increases rapid response times and reinforces cyber resilience across enterprise digital estates.

AIsaac Cyber Mesh leverages Eviden’s proven, award-winning Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service capability and includes AWS services that drive the creation and use of generative AI, such as Amazon Bedrock.

This solution is part of AWS’ new Strategic Partner Security Initiative, which aims to develop end-to-end security solutions and managed services jointly with global systems integrators (GSIs) that are members of the AWS Partner Network, by leveraging their capabilities, scale and deep security knowledge.

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Key benefits of AIsaac Cyber Mesh:

  • Anticipate and neutralize threats: Predict and identify potential threats before they occur using hyper-threat intelligence customized to each business environment with industry specific AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) models for fine-grained threat anticipation.
  • Enhance cyber resilience: Businesses can reduce downtime even in the most aggressive attack scenarios by rapidly recovering business-critical systems and data.
  • Effectively manage exposure: Identify and fix exposures across a digital estate before attackers can exploit them. Assist with maintaining regulatory compliance by pinpointing and mitigating vulnerabilities.
  • Automate cognitive response: Mitigates breaches despite the most complex attacks by containing threats and automating responses using sophisticated algorithms that complement human responders.
  • Transition from mess to mesh: Use mesh architecture to leverage security features and data from existing security product investments to amplify outcomes and benefits.
  • Visualize business risks: Organizations can gain insight into their security posture with business context and identify and prioritize potential risks.
  • Access to cutting-edge innovation: The Cyber Mesh will enable customers to access the potential of Eviden’s ongoing proprietary innovation streams, while also leveraging pioneering startups in its renowned accelerator program, Scaler, so that they may benefit from the most advanced cybersecurity solutions of today and tomorrow.

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Jean-Philippe Poirault, CEO Big Data and Security, Eviden, Atos Group said “As businesses’ digital estates become increasingly complex, the risk of cyber threats, and effective anticipation and management of these, becomes more and more challenging. We are delighted to bring together the expertise and capabilities of AWS and Eviden with AIsaac Cyber Mesh – a purpose-built, end-to-end cyber resilience solution that offers businesses a cohesive way to manage, detect and recover from security threats and cyber-attacks.”

Antonio Alonso Lopez, Director of Partner Sales, EMEA, AWS said “With the rapid evolution of technology, companies should have an end-to-end cybersecurity strategy that enables them to innovate confidently. Reinforced by Amazon Security Lake and Eviden’s Gen AI services, AIsaac will handle detection, investigation, and responses to cyber threats so companies can focus on achieving their business objectives.”

A Leader in European Managed Security Services (MSS) 2, Eviden is a digital services powerhouse with 6,500 dedicated security experts and 16 next-generation global Security Operations Centers (SOC) operating 24/7/365, as well as its award-winning AI cybersecurity mesh platform AIsaac Cyber Mesh.

AWS and Eviden have a long and successful history. Atos has been collaborating with AWS since 2013 to bring together market-leading technologies for cloud deployments. Atos was named AWS Global Systems Integrator (GSI) Partner of the Year EMEA in 2022. Through the Atos Group, Eviden has more than 3,400 active AWS certifications, 16 AWS competencies (including Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider) and more than 50 joint customer launches. Eviden has been a launch partner for several security programs from AWS, including the Amazon Security Lake and AWS KMS External Key Store (XKS).

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