Fortra Launches Managed Web Application Firewall to Protect Critical Web Apps and APIs from Compromise

Fortra Launches Managed Web Application Firewall to Protect Critical Web Apps and APIs from Compromise

Global cybersecurity software and services provider Fortra today announced an enhanced Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) service. Provided by Fortra’s Alert Logic business, the service combines the advanced tools and security expertise organizations need to protect critical web apps and APIs from compromise.

A web application firewall prevents threat actors from gaining access to an organization’s network or impacting its operations. Fortra’s Managed WAF inspects web traffic against curated security policies to continuously identify and block malicious exploits from known and unknown threats.

“Web-facing apps and APIs are the front gates to an organization’s network and with 80% of breaches originating from external sources, the importance of robust web application firewalls cannot be overstated,” said Josh Davies, Principal Technical Manager, Fortra. “Keeping web apps and APIs secure minimizes downtime and helps keep vital business operations running.”

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Fortra’s security experts partner with customers to understand their business context and applications, creating tailored web security profiles informed by machine learning and threat intelligence gathered from Fortra sources.

“We handle the optimization and deployment, so our customers don’t have the added expense of internal management and training,” said Davies. “They can put a greater focus on application development and enhance their products with confidence.”

Previously only available as an optional add-on for Fortra’s Alert Logic Managed Detection and Response customers, the Fortra Managed WAF is now a standalone managed service.

“Offering customers of all sizes enterprise-grade web security tools and expertise is an important part of our business,” said Ciaran Rafferty, Managing Director, Fortra’s Alert Logic. “Our fully managed service takes the complexity out of web security and with our flexible purchase option, we’re confident we offer the differentiators security-conscious organizations are looking for.”

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