Fusion Connect Takes Managed Services and SD-WAN to a New Level


Fusion Connect expands portfolio with the introduction of Fortinet-based SD-WAN solution

After appointments of key new leadership, Fusion Connect, a leading Managed Services Provider, continues its evolution by announcing the expansion of its advanced network solutions portfolio. Building on years of designing, deploying, and managing award-winning SD-WAN services, Fusion Connect will offer customers even greater functionality and simpler overall network designs to meet their growing need for secure networks by leveraging Fortinet Secure SD-WAN for a new service offering.

By integrating Fortinet into its product portfolio, Fusion Connect provides an option for cloud-ready networking capabilities that include Managed Security (Firewall, AV/Malware, IDS/IPS, and WebFiltering) on a unified platform that will drive greater application performance for key services like the Fusion Connect Unified Communications offerings. Consolidating network functionality and security creates efficiency and an industry-leading cost-effective SD-WAN solution. The solution is robust enough that as customer bandwidth needs increase there is a smooth path for customer growth long-term, minus the complex licensing or forklift upgrades of the past.

“Business customers of all sizes – from SMB to Enterprise – and across all verticals will be able to take advantage of this new offering. We are excited to expand our capabilities on top of our already comprehensive set of foundational products and services like broadband, fiber, and wireless,” said Mario DeRiggi, Chief Revenue Officer at Fusion Connect. “The Fortinet SD-WAN technology complements our other offerings, creating even more choice to enable tailored networks at compelling price points for our customer needs of today and tomorrow.”

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“Fortinet is pleased that Fusion Connect selected our Secure SD-WAN solution as they continue to expand their managed services offerings,” said John Maddison, EVP of products and CMO at Fortinet. “Fortinet Secure SD-WAN delivers self-healing SD-WAN capabilities, advanced routing, and advanced security in a single solution. This unique approach will enable Fusion to further differentiate and grow their business.”

As businesses today look to do more with fewer resources, technologies like SD-WAN continue to gain traction as a cost-effective upgrade path from MPLS-based network solutions yielding greater reliability and performance. Combining network and security functionality on top of a tailored and unified set of access services creates a cost-effective solution attractive for any business customer.