Fuze Announces New Patent for End-to-End Data Encryption

Fuze Announces New Patent for End-to-End Data Encryption

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced that it has been awarded a new patent for end-to-end data encryption to improve the security of messages transmitted between users on the Fuze platform.

The encryption technology ensures that an unauthorized third party cannot access the content of messages, further securing enterprise communication and collaboration.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued Fuze U.S. Patent No. 11005829 on May 11, 2021. This invention generates encryption and decryption keys that lock the message data so that only authorized parties can access content by decrypting or “unlocking” the data.

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“As many businesses plan to embrace a hybrid model of remote and in-person work, remote workers are at risk of being targeted by cyber criminals as they operate away from the built-in protection of in-office networks,” said Rob Scudiere, president and chief operating officer at Fuze.

“We are committed to evolving our platform to provide the enterprise with the tools needed to ensure both secure and seamless communication and collaboration across teams, regardless of their location.”

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