Fyllo Fully Integrates CannaRegs Into Its Fyllo Compliance Cloud

Fyllo Fully Integrates CannaRegs Into Its Fyllo Compliance Cloud (1)

Fyllo redefines regulatory technology for cannabis with a single platform that conquers compliance at every level

Fyllo, the world’s first single-solution regulatory technology for cannabis, announced today that it has fully integrated CannaRegs into its Fyllo Compliance Cloud. In January, Fyllo acquired CannaRegs, a database of state and municipal cannabis rules and regulations, to enhance its compliance products for stakeholders. Now completed, the platform streamlines traditional workflows, supercharges regulatory productivity and accelerates business profitability.

In the cannabis industry, nearly every business decision faces stringent regulatory oversight, and non-compliance can result in hefty fines or even a revoked license. Now smarter, easier to navigate and more responsive than ever, The Fyllo Compliance Cloud conquers compliance at every level of the organization through its unified platform.

As part of the integration, CannaRegs received upgrades to its design with an enhanced UI, as well as investments in rich functionality such as high-performance search, radically increased speed and smart planning tools. The CannaRegs database also now fuels Compass, a revolutionary technology that scans images and copy, verifying market compliance in real-time, a process that traditionally involved legal teams and could take days to weeks to complete.

“Fyllo Compliance Cloud allows us to focus on what matters most, which is business performance and achieving topline growth,” said Mitch Kahn, founder and CEO of Grassroots. “The solutions that Fyllo offer set a new standard for regulatory technology, helping us mitigate risk and seamlessly maintain compliance across our operations.”

The updated Fyllo Compliance Cloud began rolling out to clients in early June. Migration to the new platform continues through the rest of the month. The first-of-its-kind platform disrupts core compliance functions throughout an organization and is set to become a model adapted for other highly-regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, e-sports or telehealth.

“From its inception, Fyllo has been committed to helping cannabis companies be responsive and creative while protecting its resources,” said Chad Bronstein, founder and CEO of Fyllo. “This latest integration with CannaRegs sets a new benchmark in smart, regulatory technology designed for an entire organization. We believe that Fyllo Compliance Cloud will set the standard for all highly-regulated industries.”

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