Ghost Security Emerges from Stealth, Raises Initial $15M in Funding


Today, Ghost Security, a U.S. based application security company, is formally emerging from stealth mode backed by a combined $15 million investment from 468 Capital, DNX Ventures, and Munich Re Ventures.

Applications are at the core of organizations of all sizes across all industries. Utilizing APIs and microservices creates an ecosystem between users and the information they need. Because of this, there has been an exponential expansion in the development and usage of applications and APIs – often leaving them unaccounted for and unsecured.

With Ghost’s unique approach, technology leaders can continue benefiting from rapid application development without disrupting existing processes, and security leaders have a partner that brings comprehensive and automated application protection into the purview of detection and response teams.

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“As an industry, we are still seeing a lot of legacy thinking around how to deal with the application, data, and microservice sprawl that large scale cloud adoption has created,” said Greg Martin, Ghost Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Existing approaches and application security solutions are now dated and losing effectiveness. At Ghost, we are completely rethinking the approach to securing modern applications from the ground up.”

“What’s exciting about the Ghost platform is that it removes the complex and invasive processes required to protect applications and APIs making this type of technology more accessible to organizations across the globe,” said Florian Leibert, General Partner and Co-founder at 468 Capital.

Ghost is led by three entrepreneurs with a proven track record of creating game-changing cybersecurity solutions and companies. With this influx of capital, the company’s focus is on continuing to build a world-class team with the experience and passion required for developing disruptive technologies.

“We believe the explosive growth of microservices and APIs in the cloud will continue to outpace the capabilities of existing security solutions. We see this creating an even larger gap between the defensive capabilities of enterprise businesses and the capabilities of skilled hackers,” said Martin. The team at Ghost is uniquely qualified to develop new innovations in cloud security, specifically securing vulnerable applications, microservices, and APIs.

“The surge in adoption of applications, APIs, and microservices represents great growth potential for businesses but also introduces many new attack surfaces,” said Hiro Rio Maeda, Managing Partner at DNX Ventures. “A better approach to securing these assets is needed, and Ghost is well-positioned to address that challenge.”

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