GIBC Digital To Focus On Smart Application Development And Become GIBC WrkFlws

GIBC Digital To Focus On Smart Application Development And Become GIBC WrkFlws-01

GIBC Digital announced today that it will focus on developing smart applications that will make transformation across industries possible. The change in focus is part of the company’s ongoing evolution to leverage its competencies in process engineering, cyber security, data intelligence, automation, finance and risk, and regulatory compliance to help its clients transform their businesses to compete in a digital world.

The company’s CEO, Greg Wood, said, “improving workflows within and across organizations is challenging because stakeholders use different technology platforms, many steps are manual, and information is not always accessible by those who need it, when they need it.”

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He went on to say, “our smart applications will change that by using distributed ledgers and smart contracts that sit on top of existing infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary internal and external silos, so workflows and data can be shared efficiently, confidentially, and reliably throughout and across organizations.”

Consistent with its new focus, the company will change its name to GIBC WrkFlws, add several key members to its board, and restructure management of the organization.

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