Global cybersecurity firm Performanta announces changes in leadership


Global cybersecurity firm Performanta, who recently announced its latest AI-enhanced security service offering, Safe XDR, has today revealed significant changes in its leadership. The firm’s CEO Guy Golan has been appointed as the new Executive Chairman alongside his current role while COO Quentene Finnegan will take on the position of Managing Director, in addition to COO.

The shift in direction will enable Golan to focus on corporate strategy and Finnegan’s expertise will be directed towards operations, as the company continues its push to be the pioneers of cyber safety.

In response to the transition, Golan expressed his vision for the future of Performanta, stating: “As part of our strategy there is a bigger need to shape the industry towards Cyber Safety and provide more insights related to our new Safe XDR platform, which is a true gamechanger in the world of cyber. This requires me to be more outward facing, spending time with clients, analysts, media, events and investors. Since our operations is now structured and working well, the timing is perfect. Beyond that, at a certain point, we would like to take Performanta to newer heights. We would need more cash to execute on these ambitions.”

Finnegan conveyed his dedication to operational excellence, stating: “I am honoured to lead Performanta’s operations into this next chapter for the business. I joined the business as COO two years ago and in that short time, the business has grown from strength to strength. Through my role as Managing Director, I will be able to make a much greater impact across all of our teams globally, ensuring we are all aligned with our mission to pioneer cyber safety.”

Together, under this new leadership structure, Performanta reaffirms its commitment to pioneer cyber safety, empowering organisations globally to navigate ever-changing threats with confidence.

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