GlobalSign Digital Signing Service Now Available on the New PKI ‘Atlas’ Platform

GlobalSign Digital Signing Service Now Available on the New PKI 'Atlas' Platform

Industry’s Leading Digital Signing Solution Gives IT Admins Expanded Ease-of-Use, Automation and Access Capabilities

GMO GlobalSign, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of identity and security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that its Digital Signing Service (DSS) is now available on GlobalSign’s recently unveiled automated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform, Atlas. Already the industry’s leading digital signing solution, DSS within Atlas offers expanded automation, lifecycle management, and access capabilities to enterprise IT administrators as well as an upgraded user interface. This is needed more than ever given the surge in remote office conditions where electronic documents pass across insecure networks.

Coupled with the power of Atlas, DSS customers get a streamlined buying process, allowing them to tailor purchases around their usage while avoiding service disruptions. Announced in May, Atlas is GlobalSign’s next-generation, highly available, and high-speed cloud certificate management engine. With it, enterprises can issue massive volumes of certificates, ideal for today’s most innovative and fastest-growing organizations.

“DSS was already the most powerful, widely-leveraged signing solution in the industry – and now it just got a whole lot better. It’s already extremely popular with our customers, evidenced by the fact that in the first six months of 2020 we issued nearly nine million signatures,” said Lila Kee, General Manager, Americas, GlobalSign. “We’re especially excited about putting customers in the driver’s seat, enabling them to easily purchase a high volume of signatures, a necessity in today’s enterprise environment. With so many employees working remotely due to Covid-19, we’re proud to offer a solution that will help expedite digital transformation and keep business running smoothly.”

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With DSS on Atlas customers can:

– Order up to millions of signatures;
– Create API credentials;
– Purchase additional packs;
– Monitor usage;
– View vetting progress;
– Manage certificate access credentials; and
– Access a Resource Hub containing all the necessary documents required for the development and decision-making process, including guides for integrating with AdobeSign, DocuSign, and other widely used e-signature platforms

As always, DSS customers have everything they need to produce a properly formatted cloud-based digital signature that’s validated for years to come. This includes signer identity validation, content integrity, and non-repudiation, there’s no need to manage any physical hardware.

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Kee added, “What also makes DSS unique are GlobalSign’s seamless integrations with both DocuSign and AdobeSign. All the capabilities we’ve built demonstrate the pure power and convenience of DSS. We are extremely pleased with what we’ve accomplished here, and believe our customers will greatly benefit from all the effort we’ve put into this product.”