GoSecure Acquires Covail to Augment Managed Security Services

GoSecure Acquires Covail to Augment Managed Security Services

GoSecure, a leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, today announced the acquisition of Covail, a leader in intelligent security and risk optimization and automation.

With cybersecurity alert fatigue affecting the personal life of over 70% of security professionals, throwing more people at the problem is not the answer. Combined with over 75% of enterprise systems having at least one unpatched vulnerability, cybersecurity professionals face overwhelming odds to stay ahead of attackers.

“Cybersecurity alerts, incident response, vulnerability patching, regular penetration testing, and understanding security risk are part of the daily routine for today’s security professionals,” said Neal Creighton, GoSecure CEO. “Helping organizations address these issues has been GoSecure’s goal from day one, and the acquisition of Covail will allow us to be even more effective and efficient in helping customers.”

Covail expertise in Artificial Intelligence will augment the GoSecure Titan Platform, allowing for enhanced alert analysis and correlation automation. Due to rapidly changing attack techniques, it’s imperative to identify suspicious activity quickly but only pass the most critical updates to human threat hunters for final verification. Covail’s data science team brings years of experience, and over 100 Machine Learning models, to GoSecure for use by the GoSecure Titan Platform.

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“The addition of Covail’s AI and ML immediately enhances the GoSecure Titan Platform, allowing our Active Response Center threat hunters to focus their time on the most important alerts,” continued Mr. Creighton. “We already lead the market with sub-15-minute detection to mitigation, and the Covail capabilities will allow us to drive this number down.”

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) assessments are also a growing area for both GoSecure and Covail as organizations ask themselves, “Are we secure?” Combining the two testing and assessment teams, augmented with Covail’s optimization and automation, will deliver a new level of GRC service for organizations.

“Most assessments are point-in-time engagements, leaving the customer with a to-do list to complete,” said Rick Miller, GoSecure Chief Operating Officer. “By combining the highly experienced and security certified testing teams from GoSecure and Covail, with automation technologies from Covail, we can break this mold and offer continuous defense awareness that maps to popular cybersecurity frameworks like NIST-CSF as well as attack frameworks like MITRE. As a result, enterprises will no longer have to wait for the next assessment cycle to know how they are doing.”

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