GPS fault detection is now standard on Orolia time servers

GPS fault detection is now

Orolia is now offering GPS interference detection as a standard feature for its flagship SecureSync® time servers. Now customers not only receive the first robust timing and synchronization solution approved by DISA, but also improve their positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) cybersecurity with this additional detection layer. 

The detection of interference is an important factor in making critical infrastructures more resilient, as defined in the DHS Resilient PNT Compliance Framework  and the nationwide PNT Executive Order  . SecureSync customers can now take an important step forward with the recommended PNT protection steps Prevent, Respond and Recover thanks to the seamless integration of the tried and tested fault detection technology.

SecureSync is built on a scalable, flexible, and highly configurable platform to deliver exactly what customers need at the lowest cost of ownership. In addition to interference detection, SecureSync offers greater reliability through a layered approach that can use anti-interference antennas, Orolia’s complete Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) suite, which also includes spoofing detection, and timing error minimization with powerful internal oscillators. Qualified military customers are also eligible for secure military signals such as SAASM and M-Code.

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“As the world leader in resilient timing, Orolia customers expect us to deliver proven solutions while continuing to innovate and bring the latest PNT technologies to market,” said Rohit Braggs , COO of Orolia. “We are proud to be the To offer GPS interference detection as a standard feature of SecureSync because GPS interference is the most common form of interference today. This industry first demonstrates our commitment to the success of our customers and the protection of critical infrastructures. “