Greyline Introduces gVue

Greyline Introduces gVue-01

Greyline Partners, LLC (“Greyline”), a global leader in governance, risk and compliance consulting, has announced the launch of gVue, a comprehensive compliance technology solution for financial services firms.

With increased and evolving regulatory scrutiny, as well as emerging “alternative alternatives,” such as crypto and digital asset funds, robo-advisors and fintech-based investing platforms, the financial services industry remains focused on managing and monitoring compliance activities. gVue provides a robust, easy-to-use solution to oversee firms’ overall compliance efforts and implementation of code of ethics policies and procedures. gVue’s intuitive interface provides a seamless and reliable way to track and measure data related to employees’ personal securities trading; political contributions; outside business activities; gifts and entertainment; and certifications and policies.

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gVue was designed by Greyline professionals who have diverse experience as former in-house compliance officers, lawyers, consultants, and regulators. It is a practical system that aligns with business operations and risk and facilitates ease of employee adoption.

“Greyline’s financial services compliance experts understand the regulatory, operational and governance challenges firms face. We remain committed to our mission of developing a techenabled consulting platform, which allows our clients to mitigate risk and fulfill compliance obligations without any overly burdensome administrative requirements. We seized the opportunity to create a solution that is easy-to-use, reliable and preserves the integrity of the data by providing updates in real time. We look forward to continuing to offer a seamless experience in implementing gVue,” said Sean Wilke, Partner and Head of Strategic Growth at Greyline.

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