HAAS Alert Adds Cradlepoint as Safety Cloud® Integration Partner for Collision Prevention

HAAS Alert

Emergency response vehicles and work trucks equipped with Cradlepoint mobile routers can now be easily activated on Safety Cloud

HAAS Alert announced today an integration between its Safety Cloud collision prevention platform and Cradlepoint’s portfolio of NetCloud-powered wireless routers, enabling Public Safety and Municipal Fleet customers to activate their vehicles on Safety Cloud via their Cradlepoint solution. Through this new capability, end customers can access HAAS Alert’s safety solution easily and even more cost-effectively.

Safety Cloud enables emergency vehicles and work trucks to send real-time digital alerts to drivers to warn them in advance of upcoming hazardous situations they may present. These vehicles utilize Cradlepoint wireless routers to send location data to Safety Cloud, which then delivers alerts to nearby motorists through the Waze navigation platform on their mobile devices, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or compatible vehicle infotainment systems, giving them more time to safely react. Since launching more than two years ago, Safety Cloud has processed more than 200 million driver alerts.

Jeremy Agulnek, HAAS Alert’s Vice President of Connected Vehicle, said this integration is a direct result of end customer feedback. “A number of Public Safety departments and Municipal fleets expressed interest in activating their vehicles on Safety Cloud through their existing technology. We’ve heard several times ‘Can HAAS Alert integrate with my Cradlepoint system?’ Now we can respond ‘Yes.'”

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Todd Krautkremer, Chief Marketing Officer of Cradlepoint, said, “Our NetCloud Service extends the value of Cradlepoint mobile solutions by seamlessly integrating third-party solutions that help our public safety and first responder customers be safer and more productive. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud is a perfect example of the benefits such solutions can provide.”

To activate their vehicles on Safety Cloud through Cradlepoint NetCloud, customers simply need to authorize a software download that is sent over-the-air to in-vehicle routers. The installed software sends vehicle information to Safety Cloud in real-time.