HackNotice Releases First-Ever Combined Security and Threat Awareness Service for Free

HackNotice Releases First-Ever Combined Security and Threat Awareness Service for Free-01

HackNotice, the world’s leading threat awareness company, announced the first-ever security and threat awareness combined service, accessible to new and existing users. The added security awareness training course enables individuals to deepen their understanding of good cyber hygiene practices. The course offers 50 training videos, a security exam, and a certification.

Cybersecurity training is mostly offered to company employees, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars for intensive, week-long seminars and lectures. However, having good security awareness is vital for any individual. The newly released self-paced course ensures that anyone online can learn good cyber practices.

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HackNotice’s new course provides focused modules tailored to a user’s risk profile. “What makes the combined service great is that our threat modeling and security awareness course work together.  When someone faces a large amount of personal information exposure, we recommend more phishing training. When someone has several passwords stolen, we have them focus on our password training. Now, users can receive the critical training that they need instantly, tailored to their specific risks,” said Steve Thomas, CEO, and Co-Founder of HackNotice.

For customers of HackNotice Teams, HackNotice’s security and threat awareness service, the new course is an excellent addition for companies looking to strengthen their enterprises’ security programs. Quick, in-the-moment, lessons are a perfect way to engage employees and business departments within the organization. Clients can also access dynamic reports to see user and departmental progress, and areas of improvement.

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