Hackuity Recognised for Cybersecurity Innovation by French Government

Hackuity Recognised for Cybersecurity Innovation by French Government

Hackuity, the risk-based vulnerability management provider, today announced it is one of five companies selected to receive support and R&D funding from a major initiative by the French Government.

Le Grand Défi Cyber The Great Cyber Security Challenge is part of a one-billion-euro national strategy launched in France in 2021, which aims to support the growth of innovative cyber startups. The initiative also aims to strengthen the country’s own cybersecurity defences and develop the French cyber-ecosystem worldwide.

Already selected as the winner of the first stage of ‘Le Grand Défi’ in 2021, Hackuity has now won the second stage in recognition of its innovative Attack Path Monitoring (APM) project. This marks a major paradigm shift in vulnerability management, dramatically accelerating the time from detection to qualification and remediation. APM aims to reduce the risks that organisations are exposed to and means that security teams can be more productive and efficient.

Hackuity, which has an established presence in France, the UK, and Singapore, now plans to capitalize on the financial support it will receive with further recruitment to strengthen its research and development teams and to accelerate its international go-to-market plans.

Commenting on the award, Sylvain Cortes, VP of Strategy, Hackuity said: “Recognition from this prestigious initiative is a major accolade for the company and means we can further invest in technology aimed at reducing the time and cost of responding to cyber threats.

Thanks to this, we can make an even greater contribution to our nation’s plans for building its own cyber resilience and creating sovereign cyber security solutions that are truly world-class.”

The APM project, presented by Hackuity, will now be carried out along with four partners. The consortium will directly invest over 3.7 million euros in the APM project and will benefit from a grant of 1.9 million euros, largely earmarked for the two startups in the consortium.

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The consortium is:

  • Capgemini – which will contribute the expertise of its AI laboratory, its commercial strength, and its international footprint.
  • INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology, with whom Hackuity has collaborated since 2021, will provide support with cyber and AI experts from the CIDRE research laboratory.
  • Tenacy, a startup provider of a SaaS-based platform for cybersecurity management, will contribute to the project’s research and development.
  • Sanofi, Hackuity’s long-standing customer, will deliver a real and immediate use case. Sanofi’s cyber teams will contribute to the research and development project, providing a unique data lake for training the project’s AIs.

Sylvain Cortes continues: “This is a real commendation of the work we’re doing to transform how organisations manage, and prioritise, the explosion in vulnerabilities they’re now facing. Alongside our partners, we look forward to accelerating our project and further establishing our presence in the global market.”

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