Halcyon Reveals Technology Partnerships, Introduces MSSP Program

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Halcyon, built by offensive security experts, is the industry’s first dedicated, adaptive security platform that combines multiple proprietary prevention engines with AI models focused on stopping ransomware. The Halcyon Anti-Ransomware Platform uses a layered, lightweight approach to security before ransomware runs an attack, combined with an autonomous isolation and recovery layer to prevent the spread of ransomware, preventing damage – stopping ransomware in its tracks.

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“Ransomware has become a common boardroom topic that in recent years, has kept many executives up at night. We are excited to launch our MSSP program to provide a solution around-the-clock to service providers and their customers by bringing to the market the only product entirely focused on mitigating the ransomware threat,” says Landon Lewis, VP, Partnerships.

The Halcyon partnership program provides tier-one, first-touch support for the client as well as manages the resale, support, and day-to-day operations. The program is open to North American providers across four key segments:

  • Technology partners who enhance their offerings through the collaboration
  • Channel partners looking to deliver best-in-class anti-ransomware protection
  • MSSPs who resell embedded technology in managed service offerings
  • Other partners who share Halcyon’s objectives, e.g., cloud service providers, service partners, embedded OEM partners
  • Incident Response (IR) partners who support containment or rapid proactive deployments of an ongoing incident. IR teams embed Halcyon’s technology with their own artifact collection and investigation tools

Joining the Halcyon Partner Program enables resellers to deliver best-in-class ransomware protection to defend against the rapidly increasing and complex threat of ransomware. Benefits include access to the exclusive Halcyon partner portal and deal management platform, combining lead submission, opportunity tracking, and partnership status updates. Partners also receive marketing and communications support and joint marketing development activities including events, webinars, training, and sales material. Halcyon partners additionally get first access to new features and priority technical support.

“Ransomware is one of the largest risks faced by our customer base, regardless of business size. Metabase Q quickly recognized the power of Halcyon’s unique layered approach to address the threat. We are now partnering with Halcyon to provide this vital expertise and further expand how we deliver best-in-class and scalable services across Latin America,” said Louise Ireland, President of Metabase Q.

To apply for a partnership, visit our partner portal at https://www.halcyon.ai/partners.

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