Head of AI taskforce warns of potential job loss

Head of AI taskforce warns of potential job loss

The head of the government’s AI taskforce has warned that protecting jobs will be a challenge as artificial intelligence systems become more advanced.

Ian Hograth, the taskforce’s head, warned that it was “inevitable” that more jobs would be automated, that there will be “winners and losers” regarding job loss and the world will have to rethink the way in which people work, as the potential harm AI could cause is examined.

Due to advancements in AI, BT recently announced that it will lose around 10,000 staff by the end of the decade, however, many believe that this emerging piece of tech will create new jobs as a report earlier this year by Goldman Sachs highlighted that 60 per cent of current jobs did not exist in the 1940s.

The news follows the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently calling for the UK to act as a global leader in AI regulations amidst rising fears, which came after the UK’s white paper issued earlier in the year which highlighted the benefits of AI.

Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director for Zoho Europe, commented:

“Artificial Intelligence should work alongside humans in the workplace, supporting and automating repetitive manual tasks to enable staff to focus on higher-level activities that require human interaction, lending itself as an extremely useful business tool. This emerging tech can help to boost business growth and improve efficiencies, offering tools such as customer service bots and assistants, helping with fraud detection, data analysis, forecasting and many more.”

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“We have recently seen leaders from governments come together to discuss ethical AI and regulation development. This combined global approach must continue in order to fuel public belief and trust. The UK hopes to cement itself as a leading global voice in AI, ensuring best practice is delivered which will allow for safe and secure adoption. As AI continues to develop at a rapid pace, industry and governments should collaborate to drive education. We can then see AI adopted in the right way to boost business performance and positively Impact economies.”

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