Huawei Launches OceanProtect Data Protection Solution

Huawei launches OceanProtect data protection solution-01

At Huawei Connect 2021, Huawei launched the OceanProtect data protection solution, covering the fields of disaster recovery (DR) and backup, to offer comprehensive protection for diversified data types throughout the entire lifecycle. It belongs to Huawei’s All-Flash data center solution designed to create the fast, green, reliable and smart infrastructure for various industries. The solution is based on the concept of “Total Active Data Disaster Recovery, Fast Backups and Frequently Access Data Restoration”, ensuring uninterrupted service, zero data loss and long data retention. term.

During Huawei Connect 2021, Huawei kicked off a session on the topic The All-Flash Data Center Creates a Green, Reliable and Smart Data “Highway” by one of the speakers, Michael Fan., Director of the Data Storage Solutions Sales Department at Huawei Enterprise BG. Fan presented the wide range of protection levels covered by the OceanProtect solution, noting: “In terms of disaster recovery scenarios, it offers various functions, such as solutions in active-active scenarios and no gateway or 3DC, DR drills in one click and failover (in seconds). For backup scenarios, the OceanProtect X series offers fast backup and recovery and efficient space reduction. ”

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The solution is primarily designed to offer full DR of active data. This means it integrates DR for SAN and NAS, and provides easy appliance upgrade to optimize return on investment (ROI). The solution can also flexibly adopt Huawei’s active-active DR design to reduce customers’ initial investment and meet their changing DR needs. This design also ensures nondisruptive upgrade of a system to dual system active-active or active-passive deployment, and then to the three-data center (3DC) solution or even multiple four-copy data centers. This allows you to update your equipment online when necessary.

In addition, the solution performs lag-free backup and restoration of frequently accessed data, specifically, fast backup and reuse, and efficient storage. This functionality employs OceanProtect A8000 appliances and OceanProtect X8000 / X9000 backup storage, which provide industry-leading bandwidth for backup and recovery. These products implement comprehensive and accelerated backup and recovery functions for hot or frequently accessed data, allowing data from those copies to flow as production data.

Huawei’s OceanProtect data protection enhances the overall level of data protection throughout the life cycle. The solution helps companies protect their data effectively using fast bandwidths for backup and recovery, while allowing better use of space for those backups. With a broad portfolio of OceanProtect data protection products, Huawei is committed to developing more advanced technologies, products and solutions that prioritize and protect data in diverse smart world scenarios. For more information

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