Hybrid Security Solutions from IMRON Corporation Help Retailers’ Bottom Line

Hybrid Security Solutions from IMRON Corporation Help Retailers' Bottom Line

Last year brought tremendous challenges for everyone, especially retailers. Dwindling sales at brick-and-mortar facilities continue to be a threat as new health concerns from COVID-19 challenge the industry even more.

IMRON Corporation, a leading provider of security management software and access control solutions, is helping to maximize retailers’ budgets during these trying times with its cloud-based and hybrid security solutions.

The right security solution should complement what is already installed, while further reducing personnel needs for extensive training. The system also needs to allow for easy upgrades and access for multiple employees without exorbitant additional licensing fees. Many retailers – small and large – are finding success with hybrid, “open” architecture solutions that don’t require buying an entirely new, costly system.

For the Neiman Marcus Group, Inc., the parent company for luxury retailers Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call and Horchow with 38 stores nationwide, a more cost-effective, user friendly, and scalable security solution was needed with stellar customer support and customization options.

Neiman Marcus had implemented another access control technology in their stores and Dallas, TX headquarters that was becoming increasingly difficult and costly to support. The executives at Neiman Marcus realized they needed a better long-term plan.

Since Neiman Marcus already made a significant investment in Mercury controllers they wanted to continue using these boards so any new solution would need to be compatible. Additionally, they selected another access control board to work with their new readers and decided that a hybrid approach would work best to protect their existing investment. IMRON Corporation, a platinum partner of Mercury, was brought in as the software partner to manage the hybrid access control hardware vendors with its open architecture standards and agnostic solutions.

The award-winning UnityIS by IMRON was the perfect hybrid access control solution because it doesn’t require complicated software installations or costly licenses. It’s remarkably easy to use, and the cloud-based software can be accessed from any web browser on smartphones, tablets or computers virtually anywhere.

This further reduces the need for dedicated staff as they can now remotely manage the system. Flexible and scalable, UnityIS is a powerful access management system for a wide range of industries including retail.

“Implementing IMRON’s cloud-based security solution was painless; the hybrid approach enabled us to utilize our initial hardware investment and we’ll be able to upgrade technology easily in the future,” said Bill Atwell, director of loss prevention, Neiman Marcus Group, Inc. “They’re a very agile company, able to pivot to fit our specific needs without the restrictions that make some ‘big’ vendors difficult to navigate. The team always responded to questions or requests with a sense of urgency.”

With the cloud, multiple users can manage the system simultaneously, which was not possible with the previous solution. This simple change streamlined their internal processes, reduced dedicated staffing, and increased functionality by allowing more associates to manage day-to-day operations.

With quick installation, no firewall programming and 99.9% uptime, users can now manage access from anywhere, instantly adding a new user, updating existing records, and assigning access control attributes.

Events can be viewed in real-time, and doors can be monitored and controlled from anywhere with user friendly graphic maps. Keeping the team informed is a snap with the easy-to-use reporting system.

Featuring bank-level encryption, the database is automatically backed up daily with immediate access for the last 90 days. Historical data can also be accessed as needed. IMRON Corporation performs all maintenance on the software and database, making it especially user-friendly. With a simple subscription model and no upfront license fees, UnityIS is affordable and scalable for a wide range of business users.

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“The last year has been especially challenging for retailers – from luxury and sporting goods to grocery – and operations must be reviewed at every level to reduce costs and maximize profits,” said Imron Hussain, CEO, IMRON Corporation. “We’ve been able to work with retailers’ limited staff for cost-effective, hybrid security solutions to streamline operations and help the bottom line.”

The solution offers a number of features that have been especially useful for retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic including:

  • Occupancy Controls – this limits the number of people allowed into specific pre-assigned areas
  • Hands-free Mode – enables passing in front of reader without presenting smartphone for access and egress
  • Guest Pass – email or text guests with temporary access pass
  • Remote-Mode – remote control of access points from any internet authorized connected device
  • First-Man In – Automatically unlocks doors when first person arrives
  • Last-Man Out – Auto locks doors when last person leaves
  • Lockdowns – Automatically lock/unlock groups of pre-selected doors

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